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ION Services, Incorporated
Faction PMC_BAF
Scripting uniques
Heads Head_PMC
Language EN
Names EnglishNames

ION Services, Incorporated is an American private military company (PMC). It is better known by its former name of Black Element. It is the main focus of the ArmA II: Private Military Company DLC addon.


ION Services, Incorporated has operated in numerous areas of operations, including Takistan, Tajikistan, Chernarus, and Lingor Island, in addition to many others.


ION Services, Incorporated was founded in South Carolina in September 1998, as an aviation security corporation, then-named, Black Element. In 2002, ION Services, Incorporated expanded its contractors for work in other fields. The company flourished for years, becoming the largest private military company based in the United States of America. However, in 2009, ION Services, Incorporated was struck by a series of controversies, including the death of several Chernarussian civilians in Elektrozavodsk, as well as being accused to attempting a coup d'état against Queen Isabella Ximénez of Sahrani in 2007. Due to these controversial accusations, then-Black Element "re-branded" its corporate image on October 1, 2010, primarily by changing its name to its current form of, ION Services, Incorporated.

Weaponry and equipment

Rotary wing aircraft

  • Ka-60
  • Ka-137

Wheeled vehicles

  • Sport utility vehicle (SUV)

Small arms

  • Mini-Uzi
  • M16A2
  • M16A4 MWS
  • M4A1
  • AS50
  • AA-12
  • XM8
  • M110
  • M60E4

Main characters

Eternal links


  • Brian Frost is the same character as in the ArmA II: British Armed Forces DLC addon. After his service in the British Army he went to work for ION Services, Incorporated. Nearby he also works for the Larkins in Take On Helicopters.