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Paraiso, capital of South Sahrani

Sahrani (also knowns as Sara) is the Island from which William Porter Blog is posting in his Blog.

Geographical Information

Information gathered from William Porter's blog and other sources indicates that:

  • The map is 400km2 in size in total including underwater areas.
  • The Island has tropical/Mediterranean-like vegetation in Southern part and European style in Northern part.
  • The "real world" coordinates of Sahrani are: 39° 57' 0" N / 40° 1' 12" W, placing it in the North Atlantic Ocean.


Fictional Google Earth picture of Sahrani
High-resolution picture of Sahrani
Picture of Sahrani posted by William
Sahrani topographic map, sampled by TomNedry

Downloadable maps:


There are four airfields at Sahrani

  • Paraiso-International
    • Runway: 09/27, 1400m, Concrete
  • Rahmadi-Airfield
    • Runway: 18/36, ?m, Grass
  • Pita-Airfield
    • Runway: 14/32, 1100m, Grass
  • Antigua-Airfield
    • Runway: 18/36, ?m, Dirt

Additional information