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Dynamic AI Creator v2.0 for ArmA (DAC) by Silola (
DAC is tool that allows mission makers to create dynamic, random AI groups using custom criteria and zones.


  • Generate units and waypoints dynamically in designated AI-zones.
  • Provides a highly dynamic game experience. Variable AI-zones are automatically generated at every mission start.
  • Dynamic adjustment of unit numbers (infantry or vehicle groups).
  • Fully customizable size and number of zones (via the in-game editor).
  • Every zone can be configured individually (via the in-game editor.)
  • Up to four different unit-types can be generated per zone.
  • Two zone types, unit-zones and waypoint-zones, can be combined.
  • Unit-zones can be linked with each other.
  • Waypoint-zones can be linked with unit-zones.
  • Unit type configurations can be freely defined.
  • Unit behavior configurations can be freely defined.
  • Any number of waypoint-configurations can be defined.
  • Movable zones (global troop movement).
  • Size of a zone can be varied for each mission start.
  • New behavior configuration can be loaded at each mission start.
  • New unit configuration can be loaded at each mission start.
  • AI-respawn in camps generated dynamically (no respawn or camp limits).
  • Any number of camp configurations can be defined.
  • Camps can be linked to zones.
  • AI-respawn also possible without a camp.
  • "Standby-mode" for zones, units are generated when needed.
  • Zones can be activated, deactivated as often as you want to.
  • Script, which can delete units (depending on time and/or distance).
  • User defined waypoints can be included.
  • Dynamic AI-addon is defined, choose between four difficulty levels.
  • Runs on dedicated servers.
  • Dynamic weather script.
  • Control markers can be activated
  • Any number of marker-configurations can be defined.
  • New marker-configuration can be loaded at every time.
  • Radio messages and markers depending on chosen side can be activated.
  • Units placed in in-game editor can use DAC routines as well.
  • AI conquers buildings.
  • AI detects empty vehicles.
  • AI uses empty static guns.
  • AI uses smoke grenades.
  • Complete new routines for detecting the enemy
  • Scripted artillery support for players and AI (static and mobile)
  • AI voice sounds can be defined for seven different situations (works with MP)
  • Extended error handling (to avoid user input errors)
  • 6 configuration files for individual modifications
  • Good MP performance

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