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Is the OAC CWC/RES campaign conversion good for me?

Simply put. If you expect perfect quality, skip OAC and wait for CWR.
If you are fine with minor issues (like non perfect camera scenes),
or even want to help improving the available content, OAC is for you.

OAC is fully compatible to CWR, can be combined with the latest release of CWR (the CWR demo).
Once CWR 1.0 and their CWC campaign is out, you can bet you will enjoy the campaign with CWR once again.

Why do you release now the CWC/RES campaign conversion?

We felt happy with the result and it is done in agreement with CWR project leader W0lle.

Why are both CWR and OAC working on a CWC/RES campaign conversion?

Basically CWR does convert the OFP elite version of the CWC/RES campaign,
while OAC uses the PC addition as the base.

We like the PC voices, that are different to the OFP elite ones which had to
be rerecorded for the game.

Why am I not able to install the OAC CWC/RES campaign conversion?

Marek made it a required to OAC to have a registry check for the presence of
a OFP/RES key entry.
You have to install OFP/RES again to be able to install it.

Why does the OAC CWC/RES campaign conversion not include the voice files?

Codemasters did not give OAC (or anyone else) the permission to distribute
the voices files. We accept this decision.

That said, you can easily unpack the OFP version of the CWC/RES campaign,
delete all but the .ogg, .wss and .wav files and copy the voices files into
the OAC CWC/RES campaign conversion.


Here is a step-by-step guide.

  1. Goto the .\OFP\campaigns / .\OFP\res\campaigns folder.
  2. Unpack the 1985.pbo / Resistance.pbo with any of the OFP PBO tools (WinPBO or Eliteness recommended).
  3. Open the unpacked 1985/resistance folder.
  4. Use windows search (F3 -> enter) to find all files.
  5. Sort by type and delete all files but ogg, wav and wss.
  6. Copy the 1985/resistance folder inside the .\ArmA\campaigns folder.
  7. OK to overwrite all.
  8. Done. Enjoy the excellent atmosphere.

Can I uninstall the OAC CWC/RES campaign?

No the current installer does not have this feature.
Yet the installer does NOT create registry or start menu entries so far.
You can simply remove it by deleting the given campaign and the #OAC folder:


Where is an exe installer version to take care of everything for me?

There will be an exe installer version released in the next couple of days,
if all goes well.

I have encountered a bug, you suck?

Alright. Back to school to improve your wording and learn proper behavior.

I have encountered a bug, what should I do?

Please check this short instruction help.

How do I get the replacement configs working?

Please check this page.
If you are still stuck, head over to the OAC forum (dead link) and explain your problem.

Can I use the replacement configs even without OAC?

The replacement configs are also useful without playing OFP missions/campaigns.
Most replacement configs can be used without modification for 'standard' ArmA.

You are recommended to load the ofp_compatibility_addon.pbo addon
along with the replacement addons, even if you are not playing OFP missions.
The addon is found in .\arma\x\oac\oac_core\addons.

The alternative is to edit the replacement config yourself and remove the
dependency to the ofp_compatibility_addon cfgPatches class and define the
correct cfgPatches dependency yourself.
An easy approach is to define a dependency to CA_Hotfix instead of the
ofp_compatibility_addon cfgPatches class.

How do I update OAC?

Please read this section. If you are still stuck, head over to the OAC forum (dead link) and explain your problem.

How do I update the OAC CWC/RES campaign

You have to download and install the latest version again and again.
You will find the campaigns in the files section (dead link) for download

I am dying all the time - what should I do?

The missions are quite hard at times. Play more causiously.

You can always skip a mission with the 'endmission'|cheat.

Can I load my favorite addon with OAC?

You can use any sort of ArmA addon along with OAC.
Like addons to improve the standard game by model, texture, sound replacement, AI mods etc etc.

How do I get involved?

Read the The|seven roads to OAC.

Will you update or support OAC?

Bugs will be fixed as soon as possible and the updates released on a daily basis.

Any you further plans?

Please look at the roadmap (dead link).

Do you play to convert OAC to A2?

Yes. OAC will make OFP and A1 missions playable in A2.