FAQ: Game Of The Year Edition – Operation Flashpoint

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What is the OFP Game Of The Year edition?

On November 15, 2002, Codemasters announced the international release of the OFP Game Of The Year (GOTY) edition (for North America, read here). GOTY combines OFP's original Cold War Crisis version, Codemasters' Red Hammer campaign and OFP: Resistance into a single package and install process, at a substantially reduced price over purchasing all of these separately.

The GOTY edition's CD will install OFP version 1.85.

Soon after OFP: GOTY's release, BIS released two separate OFP version 1.90 upgrade patches. One is for owners of the OFP: Resistance CD, the other is for owners of the OFP: GOTY CD. This trend of producing separate upgrade patches for OFP: Resistance and OFP: GOTY will continue for any future OFP upgrades that may be released. Make sure you download and install the latest patches appropriate for the CD you own.

Additional information can be found on Codemasters' GOTY Page.

I can't find the GOTY edition anywhere!


If you live in North America, that might be because Codemasters has delayed the N. American release until February or March 2003 for "purely marketing reasons", according to a CM spokesperson.

Are there an advantages to buying the GOTY edition versus OFP: Resistance?

The GOTY edition includes the Red Hammer campaign, while OFP: Resistance doesn't. If you already have Red Hammer, then this is irrelevant.

The GOTY edition installs OFP version 1.85, while OFP: Resistance installs OFP version 1.75. Of course, you can upgrade either of them to the most recent OFP version with the latest upgrade patch released by BIS.

The third CD of the GOTY edition contains 18 audio tracks of music from OFP, playable with WinAmp, Windows Media Player or a similar CD audio player. However, you can obtain these tracks and more by extracting the audio files yourself from your existing OFP CDs. Details can be found in this FAQ item.

Other than the above, however, it is the same game with the same features.

Is the Red Hammer 1.85 Compatibility patch included in the GOTY edition's installation?

Yes, it is. Game Of The Year edition users do not need to download and install the Red Hammer 1.85 Compatibility patch. Furthermore, if you upgrade to OFP GOTY version 1.90 and above, you do not need to and you should not attempt to install the Red Hammer 1.90 Compatibility patch. You can read more about that Red Hammer compatibility patch.|here.

Is the Campaign 1985 Update patch included in the GOTY edition's installation?

Yes, it is. Game Of The Year edition users do not need to download and install the Campaign 1985 Update patch.

That's it?! Where can I find more FAQ information on the GOTY edition?

Since GOTY is OFP: Gold and OFP: Resistance all wrapped up in one package, you'll find that most everything else in The FAQ, especially the OFP: Resistance section, applies to GOTY just the same. When there are differences between GOTY and OFP: Resistance, The FAQ points them out.

I've got the GOTY edition. Can I update the old OPERATIONFLASHPOINT.EXE program to version 1.46?

OFP player Dmakatra points out that there is no need to and you shouldn't try. The OPERATIONFLASHPOINT.EXE file installed by the GOTY edition is already updated to version 1.46.