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Spearhead 1944 introduces a scripted nametag system. While it was designed for the campaign to aid new players it can also be enabled in other scenarios.

Nametags can be shown by pressing ^. Double tap ^ to toggle permanent mode. In singleplayer the nametags are shown for all members of the player's group. In multiplayer, they are shown for all group members of groups that have a player in it.

The nametags show the role, the squad, the unit ID in the squad, the name and wether the unit is an AI.

spe nametags preview.jpg


Put the following code into the initPlayerLocal.sqf.


The system will then be initialized on every client.

The nametag system will not get initialized if ACE nametags are enabled.


Accessing Settings Menu

The nametag system comes with the option to be customized by the player. The settings menu can be found in the pause menu ESC. Settings are only available after a scenario has started.

spe nametags settings pause menu.jpg

spe nametags settings.jpg

Settings Description

Setting Description Default Value missionNamespace Variable
Enable Nametags Toggles the nametags system on/off. true SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Enabled
Enable Shadows Draws a drop shadow behind the text and icon for better legibility. true SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Shadow
Red Red color amount. 1 (100%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Color_R
Green Green color amount. 1 (100%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Color_G
Blue Blue color amount. 1 (100%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Color_B
Draw Distance How many meters the nametags are going to be visible. The nametags will start fading out at drawDistance/1.5 meters. 150 SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_DistMax
Height Offset Height offset in meters from original position. 0 SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_Offset
Icon Size Icon size in percent. 0.8 (80%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_IconSize
Text Size Text size in percent. 0.8 (80%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_TextSize_Modifier
Show Icon Toggle the visiblity of the icon on/off. 0.8 (80%) SPE_Options_Client_NameTags_ShowIcon
Reset Settings Resets settings to default value. For this option to take effect, the settings UI needs to be closed by pressing OK. false N/A