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something's wrong or misworded here with the struct ustruct[ustruct7] and the proxistruct that follows it


i am parking this footer info here as it is clearly wrong but may contain useful info if structured correctly

  float     Resolutions[nLods];
  byte      unknownBytes[24];
  float     offset[3];         // model offset (unknown functionality)
  ulong     mapIconColor;      // RGBA 32 color
  ulong     mapSelectedColor;  // RGBA 32 color
  ulong     unknownValue;
  float     bboxMinPosition[3]; // minimum coordinates of bounding box
  float     bboxMaxPosition[3]; // maximum coordinates of bounding box
  float     wrpModelOffset[3];  // offset value to apply when object is placed on a WRP
  float     offset2[3];         // another offset value (unknown functionality)

Mikero (nee Ook?) 07:19, 24 January 2009 (CET)

I've already wondered where that info disappeared... May I ask why the above data is 'clearly wrong'? I have used for example the wrpModelOffset successfully for an experimental tool.

Further note: The file may proceed after this; the Geometry mass is stored somewhere after this footer, but I have not yet started to find the correct offsets. Perhaps you/someone already tried to decode it.

--Vektorboson 20:08, 2 February 2010 (CET)

The above info was extracted / removed from an early attempt to decode the FOOTER of an odol7. At that time, an erroneous assumption was made re the location of proxi structs Aka only one existed wheras in fact it 'belongs' in all lods.

It was parked here in the hope that someone, such as your self, would confirm the above info was at least in part correct.

I have subsequently re-inserted the above in (what is now called) ModelInfo.

As per 'file may proceed after this'. Yes. The modelinfo as now supplied in the main document is 100% file byte correct. Meaning all odol7's "read" correctly without further / less data in them. The modelinfo, as described now, is byte perfect. read write wise. It's contents of course needs further work. Mikero (nee Ook?) 00:07, 3 February 2010 (CET)