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Spoiler Warning
The following text contains game spoilers such as story details or mission walkthroughs. Read at your own risk!


Just as in Operation Flashpoint CWC and Resistance, there are quite a few Easter Eggs to be found in Armed Assault.

The Easter Eggs known so far have been discussed in this forum topic [1].

If you think those things are too subtle too be referenced in the WiKi, please do not read on.

The OFP Easter Eggs are described here link

Santa in the Chimney

Santa Easter Egg
Credits: leedeth

As a runner up to OFP's most famous easter egg, many users reported BIS to have added this face in the chimney (visible all year long).

Ghosthouse face in the wall

Face in The Wall

Although quite fitting within the decrepit and derelict state of the house, the origin of this gimmick is still up for suggestions.

Notice the brand of the car too. [Screenshot credits to user Redface]


class Civil_Undead_2: Civil_Undead_1

Abridged Brand Names

Credits: Aimpoint

Armed Assault is suspected to sport quite a large range of customized brand names, such as S(c)h(n)ell spotted by user Aimpoint in the Combat Photography Thread.

Special button

Credits: teaser

The news guy's button is a smiley face.

Reported by user teaser in the most comprehensive Easter Eggs thread to date. [2]