Operation Flashpoint: Easter Eggs

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Spoiler Warning
The following text contains game spoilers such as story details or mission walkthroughs. Read at your own risk!


In Operation Flashpoint and Resistance there are quite a few Easter Eggs to be found.

Christmas Trees

Christmas Tree Easter Egg

The most popular Easter egg in Operation Flashpoint are the Christmas trees. When your computer clock changes to December 25th the small spruce trees in OFP light up like Christmas trees with nice presents and decorations. See here for a config.cpp to access this model.

Lenin photo in guardpost

Lenin Easter Egg

In the guardpost building you can see through a small opening, a photo of Lenin on the wall.

Poster of Stalin

Stalin Easter Egg

In the barracks buildings found on Kolgujev, in the hallway you can see posters hanging and one of them is a picture of Stalin.

Static Artillery

Artillery Easter Egg

Perhaps this object is just decoration or did BI plan to have it in OFP but wasn't able to finish it in time? We will never know. You can view the site at grid HE77 on Everon.

Man with Briefcase?

Special BIS page

Maruk hinted to the community about a Man with Briefcase in their site? What kind of secret is hidden behind this? Maruks post

Hummer with names above wheels

Above the wheels of the Hummer you can see "DnA", "Sith", "AnG" & "rUiZ"(?) written on it. These are the names of some of the developers for BI.

Mysterious Stonehenge

Malden stonehenge

Nogova and Malden each have their own, what appear to be Stonehenges, how did they get there? (Nogova: BB14 & BB15 / Malden: EF20)

Nogova Gas Station

This one is quite scary, you can see an evil smiling face on the poster between the pumps, with some czech text on it (english translation of that text is: "You'll be blissful only with us."). Name of the gas company is also parody to real czech company, Benzina. The evil smiling face is actually a BI employee, Viktor Bocan.

Elevator Shaft Text


As you reach to top of the highest aparment building you can see something written on the wall in the elevator shaft.