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Introduced with Armed Assault version 1.00

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Introduced in

Armed Assault


Returns Array containing dikCodes of keys, buttons and combos assigned to the given user action. Action names could be found in config class ControllerSchemes or user action names or user profile, for example:

To retrieve the value, use the property name without 'key': actionKeys "Watch"; // 24

In addition, some of the actions are also listed in here: inputAction/actions


actionKeys userAction
userAction: String
Return Value:
Array of Numbers


Example 1:
_array = actionKeys "ReloadMagazine"

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Bottom Section

Posted on May 11, 2016 - 02:36 (UTC)
If an action key is configured with a modifier (e.g. "Right Ctrl + M" for "MiniMapToggle"), the DIK code returned by this command has a weird value, equivalent to the following:

Left Ctrl + Key = 486539264 + DIK
Left Shift + Key = 704643072 + DIK
Left Alt + Key = 939524096 + DIK
Right Ctrl + Key = -1660944384 + DIK
Right Shift + Key = 905969664 + DIK
Right Alt + Key = -1207959552 + DIK

For example, to detect if actionKeys "NetworkPlayers" contain a match for "Right Ctrl + P", one must do the following: if (-1660944359 in actionKeys "NetworkPlayers") then with -1660944359 being equal to -1660944384 + 25, and 25 being the DIK code for the "P" key.

This increases the difficulty of accurately comparing key codes to actionKeys in UI event handlers. Those strange numbers are probably due to bit flags being added to the DIK value by the game engine for easier storage in the ArmaProfile.

In case of mouse buttons, actionKeys will also return values that are different from those in "MouseButton" UI events:

LMB: MouseButton 0 = actionKeys 65536
RMB: MouseButton 1 = actionKeys 65665 (65536 + 1 + 128)
MMB: MouseButton 2 = actionKeys 65538 (65536 + 2)
4MB: MouseButton 3 = actionKeys 65539 (65536 + 3)
5MB: MouseButton 4 = actionKeys 65540 (65536 + 4)

The values above are valid for a right-handed mouse configuration, and may or may not differ for a left-handed config.
Posted on August 6, 2016 - 12:24 (UTC)
The method described by @AgentRev does not work.
All numbers in SQF are floats and those are only precise up to 6...7 digits.
486539264 + 19 == 486539264 + 20 -> true The DIK codes for 'LCtrl + R' and 'LCtrl + T' are indistinguishable.