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Elevates periscope of a vehicle. Vehicles in Arma 3 which are compatible with this tech are Strider, remote laser designators, the robot arm on Eddie, etc. Please note that SDV submarine has a different periscope, which is just an animated selection and could be raised and lowered with animate command.
User can immediately override any elevation in progress by using assigned keyboard keys. To block user input use blockuser param.
A PeriscopeElevationChanged entity event handler is also provided.
Object ManipulationAnimations


vehicle elevatePeriscope [turret, elevation, speed, blockuser]
vehicle: Object - vehicle with periscope tech
[turret, elevation, speed, blockuser]: Array
turret: Array - turret on which periscope is located
elevation: Number - elevation range 0...1
speed (Optional): Number or Boolean - config anim speed multiplier, 2 - twice as fast, 0.5 - twice as slow, etc. -1 - default config speed. If true is used as param, the change in elevation is almost instant.
blockuser (Optional): Boolean - true to disable user ability to control periscope with keyboard. The change is persistent unless you set it to false again.
Return Value:


Example 1:
_eddie elevatePeriscope [[0], 0.75, 0.1];

Additional Information

See also:
periscopeElevationanimate PeriscopeElevationChanged


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