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Sets the flying altitude for aircraft relatively to the ground surface. Avoid too low altitudes, as helicopters and planes won't evade trees and obstacles on the ground. The default flying altitude is 100 meters.
Height measurement is relative to the pilot and can be approximated with ASLToAGL eyePos driver _aircraft;.
Object Manipulation


aircraft flyInHeight altitude
aircraft: Object
altitude: Number - flying altitude in meters
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

aircraft flyInHeight [altitude, forced]
aircraft: Object
altitude: Number - flying altitude in meters
forced: Boolean - true to force altitude in all cases, false to behave like main syntax
Return Value:


Example 1:
_helicopter flyInHeight 40;
Example 2:
// for altitudes below 10m _helicopter flyInHeight 5; // helicopter will land _helicopter flyInHeight [5, true]; // helicopter will hover at 5m altitude // on a landed helicopter _helicopter flyInHeight 50; // helicopter will not move until a waypoint is added _helicopter flyInHeight [50, true]; // helicopter will start to rise immediately

Additional Information

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Hardrock - c
Posted on Aug 04, 2006 - 12:50 (UTC)
Notes from before the conversion:
From Logo A0.png1.80 - flyInHeight now affects not only helicopters, but also planes.
UNN - c
Posted on Aug 04, 2006 - 14:18 (UTC)
A plane's flyInHeight is restricted to a minimum of 20 meters.
Kronzky - c
Posted on Dec 16, 2008 - 01:34 (UTC)
A flyInHeight of 0 will keep the chopper pinned to the ground, even when the engines have been started.
Jtgibson - c
Posted on Apr 11, 2009 - 00:53 (UTC)

If a helo has no waypoints, it will assume a low hover without regard to this setting.

This comment does not apply to the alternative syntax.