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Smoothly change the fog over given time (in seconds). See also fogParams.
Arma 3
This command is MP synchronised, if executed on server, the changes will propagate globally. If executed on client effect is temporary as it will soon change to the server setting.
Pre-Arma 3, each client and the server could have different fog values


time setFog fog
time: Number - transition time to the new value
fog: Number - fog density. Range 0..1
Return Value:

Alternative Syntax

time setFog [fogValue, fogDecay, fogBase] Since Arma 3
time: Number - transition time to the new value
fogValue: Number - normal fog value that represents fog density at fogBase level. Range 0..1
fogDecay: Number - decay of fog density with altitude. Range -1..1
fogBase: Number - base altitude (ASL) of fog (in meters). Range -5000..5000
Return Value:


Example 1:
15 setFog 0.5;
Example 2:
Force no fog: 0 setFog 0; // forceWeatherChange; // change is immediate 999999 setFog 0;
Example 3:
0 setFog [1, 0.01, 0];
Example 4:
Mountain fog, starts from 70m ASL and thickens more the higher you climb: 0 setFog [1, -1, 70];
Example 5:
Valley fog, starts from 60m ASL and thickens more the lower you descend: 0 setFog [1, 1, 60];
Example 6:
Fooooog on the waaaater: 0 setFog [1, 1, 0];

Additional Information

See also:
Arma 3: Improved FogfogfogParamsfogForecastnextWeatherChangeforceWeatherChangesetRain


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Only post proven facts here! Add Note
Only one script command induced weather change (either setOvercast or setFog) can be happening at a time. Starting a new weather change will immediately halt the current weather change. SetRain changes are independent and can occur simultaneously to a weather change.
Posted on December 15, 2015 - 14:32 (UTC)
setTimeMultiplier DOES affect transition time.

Posted on January 10, 2019 - 10:23 (UTC)
A little information about how Alt Syntax works. The fogValue is normal fog value that could be set independently with original setFog command. fogBase is the ASL altitude at which the fog will start. 0 is the sea level. fogDecay is how defined the fog start is. The more defined, the denser is the fog. 1 (or -1) are the max values. If it is positive the fog will be generated below fogBase line, if negative, above it. If fogDecay is small, the fog will transition more smoothly from no fog to full fog, and because of that it will cross fogBase line by quite a lot, depending on how small is fogDecay value. Current values of fogDecay and fogBase can be retrieved with fogParams