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Set the current terrain's altitude on provided location(s).
  • Heightmap changes:
    • are internally converted (rounded) to heightmap coordinates
    • are stored in the JIP queue
    • are not removed from the JIP queue if the values are set back to terrain's default value
    • are updated in the JIP queue for updated positions if the same group of positions are edited (order does not matter, but amount does);
      editing positions by terrain sections is good for multiplayer optimisation (see Example 2)
    • are not updated and sent twice (old one then new one) if position edits are not exactly the same (see point above and Example 2).
  • Edited terrain heights are not saved inside savegames, they need to be restored manually on savegame load.
  • Known issues:
    • Terrain sections can become invisible if the change is too extreme
    • Walking on the edge of extreme height changes can catapult the player away


setTerrainHeight [positionAndAltitudeArray, adjustObjects]
positionAndAltitudeArray: Array of Array in format PositionASL - [[x1, y1, newASLHeight1], [x2, y2, newASLHeight2], ...]
adjustObjects: Boolean - (Optional, default true) if true then objects on modified points are moved up/down to keep the same ATL height
All objects above modified terrain will be adjusted, even flying ones.
Return Value:


Example 1:
private _fnc_flattenTerrain = { params ["_start", "_a", "_b", "_h"]; private _newPositions = []; for "_xStep" from 0 to _a do { for "_yStep" from 0 to _b do { private _newHeight = _start vectorAdd [_xStep, _yStep, 0]; _newHeight set [2, _h]; _newPositions pushBack _newHeight; }; }; _newPositions; }; private _desiredTerrainHeight = 150; private _positionsAndHeights = [getPosWorld player, 50, 50, _desiredTerrainHeight] call _fnc_flattenTerrain; setTerrainHeight [_positionsAndHeights, true];
Example 2:
Bad example:
// first update setTerrainHeight [[[1000, 1000, 25], [1005, 1000, 25], [1000, 1005, 25], [1005, 1005, 25]]]; // second update - this will make the JIP queue keep both messages setTerrainHeight [[[1005, 1000, 50]]];
Good example:
// first update setTerrainHeight [[[1000, 1000, 25], [1005, 1000, 25], [1000, 1005, 25], [1005, 1005, 25]]]; // second update - this will update the JIP queue properly setTerrainHeight [[[1000, 1000, 25], [1005, 1000, 50], [1000, 1005, 25], [1005, 1005, 25]]];

Additional Information

See also:
getTerrainInfo getTerrainHeight


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