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Some information on this page were not confirmed by BIS!
AI skill/level/final skill

AI Skill

The AI is characterized by a set of sub-skills. The final AI skill is unfluenced by several factors. Additionally each sub-skill is then interpolated with the values set in CfgAISkill.

Changing AI Skill


Difficulty Menu
  • As player one can only influence AI skill by changing the global skill settings Skill and Precision. One has also the option to choose one of the default AI Levels.
    • Skill: Influences multiple sub-skills related to the AIs "intelligence". If the value is set too low, the AI will be dumb.
    • Precision: Influences sub-skilles related to AIs precision. If the value is set too high, the AI will have a super human precision. Lower values result mostly in interesting fire fights.
Changing the AI difficulty settings during a scenario will have no effect until the scenario is restarted.

Scenario Designers

Skill setting in Eden Editor
  • A scenario designer has four ways to influence the AI skill.


  • A modder can influence the AI skill by overwriting CfgAISkill.

Server Admins

  • Server admins can change the AI skill by changing the aiLevelPreset config parameter found in server config. See Arma 3 Server Profile for more information.


Sub-skills are a set of parameters ultimately defining the individual AI unit performance in the game.

Sub-Skill Effect Influence
  • Affects how well the AI can lead a target
  • Affects how accurately the AI estimate range and calculates bullet drop
  • Affects how well the AI compensates for weapon dispersion
  • Affects how much the AI will know to compensate for recoil
  • Affects how certain the AI must be about its aim on target before opening fire
  • Higher value means the AI can lead a target better
  • Higher value means the Ai can estimate range and calculate bullet drop more precicely
  • Higher value means the AI can compensate weapon dispersion better
  • Higher value means the AI can control the recoil better
  • Higher value means the AI needs to now less to open up fire
  • Affects how quickly the AI can rotate and stabilize its aim
  • Higher value means the AI can rotate and stabilize its aim faster
  • Affects how quickly recognized targets are shared with the group
  • Higher value means the AI can report targets faster
  • Affects unit's subordinates' morale
  • Higher value means the AI has got more courage
  • Disabled in Arma3
  • Disabled
  • Raw "Skill", value is distributed to sub-skills unless defined otherwise. Affects the AI's decision making.
  • ?
  • Affects the delay between switching or reloading a weapon
  • Higher value means the AI can switch or reload weapons faster
  • Affects the AI ability to spot targets within it is visual or audible range
  • Affects the accuracy of the information
  • Higher value means the AI is better at spotting targets
  • Higher value means the AI will collect information about targets more precisely
  • Affects how quick the AI react to death, damage or observing an enemy
  • Higher value means the AI will react faster to death, damage or enemies
  • Affects how steadily the AI can hold a weapon
  • Higher value means the AI will be more precise


CfgAISkill is a set of arrays, related to Sub-Skills, defining the interpolation curve of each of the sub-skill. They can be changed by a mod for example.


Interpolation with vanilla A3 CfgAISkill

In {w, x, y, z} value from (w,y) gets interpolated into (x,z)

  • spotDistance[] = {0, 0.2, 1, 0.4};
    • Value in a range 0-1 will change into value in a range 0.2-0.4.
  • setSkill ["spotDistance", 0.5]
    • Results in skill "spotDistance" returning 0.3
More than 2 pairs of defining values can be used (minimum is 2 pairs). The values are used to interpolate on run-time, so even after setting sub-skill by script command it will be interpolated and bound by this array.

Defaults for Arma 3


Sub-Skill minInputSkillLimit (w) resultingSubSkillLowerBoundary (x) maxInputSkillLimit (y) resultingSubSkillLowerBoundary (z)
aimingAccuracy 0 0 1 1
aimingShake 0 0 1 1
aimingSpeed 0 0.5 1 1
commanding 0 0 1 1
courage 0 0 1 1
endurance 0 0 1 1
general 0 0 1 1
reloadSpeed 0 0 1 1
spotDistance 0 0 1 1
spotTime 0 0 1 1


aimingAccuracy[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
aimingShake[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
aimingSpeed[] = {0, 0.5, 1, 1};
commanding[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
courage[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
endurance[] = {0, 0, 1, 1}; Has been disabled in Arma 3
general[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
reloadSpeed[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
spotDistance[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};
spotTime[] = {0, 0, 1, 1};

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