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Adjust simple object vertical position, animations and selection according to provided data.
In case both adjustment data and class are being used, data has higher priority and only undefined parts are filled from config.
This function is automatically called by BIS_fnc_createSimpleObject.
Object Manipulation


[object, [class, model, reversed, verticalOffset, animAdjustments, selectionToHide]] call BIS_fnc_adjustSimpleObject
object: Object - simple object that will be adjusted
class: String - (Optional, default "") asset CfgVehicles config class (at least either model or class must be provided, ideally both)
model: String - (Optional, default "") path to the vehicle p3d model; needs to start without backslash and must end with the proper file extension ".p3d"
reversed: Number - (Optional, default 0) some objects, usually vehicles, are reveresed in p3d; valid values are:
  •  0: no change
  •  1: reverse
  • -1: unknown (behaves as 0)
verticalOffset: Array - (Optional, default 0) fix for non-existant physX; usually needed only for vehicles
animationAdjustments: Array - (Optional, default []) animation that need to be animated to given state, in format [animationName, animationState]:
  • animationName: String - animation name
  • animationState: Number - animation state
selectionsToHide: Array - (Optional, default []) all listed selections will be hidden
Return Value:


Example 1:
[myCar, ["B_MyCar_F", "path\to\file.p3d"]] call BIS_fnc_adjustSimpleObject;

Additional Information

See also:
createSimpleObject BIS_fnc_createSimpleObject BIS_fnc_simpleObjectData


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