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| [[BIS_fnc_setTask]], [[Arma_3_Task_Framework|Task Framework]], [[Arma_3_Tasks_Overhaul|Tasks Overhaul]] |= See also
| [[BIS fnc deleteTask]],[[BIS fnc setTask]],[[BIS fnc setTaskLocal]],[[BIS fnc sharedObjectives]],[[BIS fnc taskAlwaysVisible]],[[BIS fnc taskChildren]],[[BIS fnc taskCreate]],[[BIS fnc taskCurrent]],[[BIS fnc taskDescription]],[[BIS fnc taskDestination]],[[BIS fnc taskExists]],[[BIS fnc taskHint]],[[BIS fnc taskParent]],[[BIS fnc taskReal]],[[BIS fnc taskSetAlwaysVisible]],[[BIS fnc taskSetCurrent]],[[BIS fnc taskSetDescription]],[[BIS fnc taskSetDestination]],[[BIS fnc taskSetState]],[[BIS fnc taskSetType]],[[BIS fnc taskState]],[[BIS fnc tasksUnit]],[[BIS fnc taskType]],[[BIS fnc taskTypeIcon]],[[BIS fnc taskVar]],[[Arma 3 Task Framework]],[[Arma 3 Tasks Overhaul]] |= See also

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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.001.00
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Returns true if task has been completed.


taskID call BIS_fnc_taskCompleted
taskID: String - ID or name of the task
Return Value:
Boolean - Returns true if completed, otherwise false


Example 1:
_completed = "task_1" call BIS_fnc_taskCompleted;

Additional Information

See also:
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