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Introduced with Arma 3 version 1.00

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Introduced in

Arma 3


Set task parameters.
Create the task when it doesn't exist.


[params, target, desc, (dest, state, priority, showNotification, isGlobal, type, shared)] call BIS_fnc_setTask;
params: String or Array - Task ID or array in the format [task ID, parent task ID]
target: Task owner(s)
Boolean - true to set task of all playable units
Object - set task of a specific object
Group - set tasks of all objects in the group
Side - set tasks of all objects of the given side
Array - collection of above types
desc: Array or String - Task description in the format ["description", "title", "marker"] or CfgTaskDescriptions class
dest (Optional): Task destination
Array - either position in format [x,y,z], or [object,precision] as used by setSimpleTaskTarget command
state (Optional): Task state
String - can be one of following:
"AUTOASSIGNED" ("ASSIGNED" when no task is assigned yet, otherwise "CREATED")
Boolean - true to set the task as current
priority (Optional): Number - priority. When a current task is completed, system select a next one with the larges priority >= 0
showNotification (Optional): Boolean - true to show notification (default), false to disable it
isGlobal (Optional): Boolean - true to set task globally (default), false to set it only locally
type (Optional): String - task type from CfgTaskTypes, if not defined, type "" is being used
visibility (Optional): Boolean - true to make task always visible in 3D (default: false)
Return Value:
String - Task ID


Example 1:
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Additional Information

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