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If -profiles startup parameter is used, the crash files will be located in that directory. In addition, the Eden Editor option "Open Log Folder" will open this folder. This parameter can also be found in the Arma 3 Launcher.

The crash file folder of Arma 3 can be quickly accessed with:

  • Press ⊞ Win + R to open the run command
  • Type %localappdata%\Arma 3 (for Arma 3) and confirm

See other paths for other games/operating systems in the table below.

Game Files Directory Operating System
Arma 3
  • arma3.rpt
  • arma3.bidmp
  • arma3.mdmp
%localappdata%\Arma 3 Windows 7 → Windows 10
/home/X/.local/share/Arma 3/ Linux
Arma 2:OA
  • arma2OA.rpt
  • arma2OA.bidmp
  • arma2OA.mdmp
%localappdata%\Arma 2 OA Windows Vista → Windows 10
%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Arma 2 OA Windows XP
Arma 2
  • arma2.rpt
  • arma2.bidmp
  • arma2.mdmp
%localappdata%\Arma 2 Windows Vista → Windows 10
%userprofile%\Local Settings\Application Data\Arma 2 Windows XP
Armed Assault
  • arma.rpt
  • arma.bidmp
  • arma.mdmp
<profileDirectory>\ArmA Windows XP → Windows 10
Operation Flashpoint
  • flashpoint.rpt (same role as .rpt files)
  • context.bin
<GameDirectory> Windows 95 → Windows 10

Log File Content Explained

Arma 3

This section is only valid for Arma 3!

This is WIP, please provide feedback in the Arma 3 Discord #community_wiki channel.

Beginning of the Log File


Common Errors and Warnings

→ No action needed
→ Issue should be fixed
→ Issue must be fixed
→ A false error; no action required
Message (Exact message can vary) Explanation Significance
Warning Message: Picture iconmanleader not found An image or icon was not found.
Warning Message: You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.a3_characters_f False error that can be ignored - only with a3_characters_f
Updating base class RscShortcutButton->RscButton... Caused by inheriting from wrong config while modifiying an existing base class. Currently Arma 3 has a lot of these issues out of the box.
Cannot delete class B_KickOff, it is referenced somewhere (used as a base class probably) Attempt to delete a class failed.
SimulWeather - Cloud Renderer - noise texture file is not specified!
Warning: looped for animation: a3\anims_f_epa\data\anim\sdr\cts\hubcleaned\briefing\hubbriefing_loop.rtm differs (looped now 0)! MoveName: hubbriefing_ext
a3\characters_f\proxies\flag.p3d: No geometry and no visual shape
B_LSV_01_unarmed_F: mainturret - unknown animation source mainturret
No face for B Alpha 1-4:1
No speaker given for 'Sotiris Zenon'
Strange convex component08 in a3\weapons_f_enoch\rifles\msbs\msbs65_ubs_f.p3d:geometryView
hidebullet_001 - unknown animation source codrivermuzzle_revolving
Trying to create an invalid center EMPTY
ModParams - Undefined or empty mod directory modParams was unable to find the specified mod directory.
Unit is not in cargo
Deinitialized shape [Class: "C_Soldier_VR_F"; Shape: "a3\characters_f_bootcamp\common\vr_soldier_f.p3d";]
Error: entity [ProxyFlag_Auto] still has its shape, ref_count=2
"Some path": Missing ';' at the end of line
"Unsupported language English in stringtable" Happens if an entry was not found in the desired language e.g., English. This error will even show if it falls back to another lanuage e.g., Original. When stringtable can't find the entry it wants, it first tries Original entry, then English after that, the first entry in the stringtable is taken.
Serialization of Control variables is not implemented Can be produced when the game is saved (e.g. via saveGame).

Possible reasons:

Solution: Use the uiNamespace to save Control variables and use disableSerialization in scripts and functions that contain Control variables.

DiaryParser: <br/> without corresponding <br> Erroneous &lt;/br&gt; (</br>) instead of &lt;br/&gt; (<br/>) used in stringtable.xml for localized string that is being used with createDiaryRecord or setDiaryRecordText. Does not seem to care for </br> used in scripts directly.

Creating a diagnostic file for DirectX

To better analyze the reason for malfunctions it might be useful to also create a DirectX diagnostic file.

  • Press ⊞ Win + R to open the run command.
  • Enter dxdiag and confirm
  • After data collection is done, click on "Save All Information" and specify a location of where the file should be created.

Sending Crash Files