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This page is about Take On Helicopters Functions Library system.

Functions Library 2.0 is pack of routine script functions available from anywhere in game. Main difference from older Functions Library is that it runs automatically and doesn't require Functions manager to be present.


params are parameters required by given function. If you wish to skip a param (e.g. leave it is default value), use nil on its index (valid only if BIS_fnc_param is used by the function).


Functions can be launched in mission, intro and outro using this syntax:

_fnc = [params] call functionName;


_fnc = [params] spawn functionName;


Functions replaces obsolete Arma 2: Multiplayer Framework. You can use BIS_fnc_MP to remotely execute function on specific clients and set them to be persistent, so they'll be executed automatically for client upon JIP.


Anywhere outside running mission (user interface), refer to functions stored in UInamespace

_fnc = [params] call (uinamespace getvariable 'functionName');


_fnc = [params] spawn (uinamespace getvariable 'functionName');

In-game functions viewer

Take On Helicopters Functions Viewer.jpg

Use following code to display function library anywhere in game:

[] call BIS_fnc_help;

In the 3D Editor, you can find the Function Viewer in the Tools category of the menustrip icon editor functions.png


  • Listing through all functions from config or description.ext files.
  • Displaying name, path, description and code of selected functions.
  • Code can be easily copied to clipboard.

Adding new functions

List of functions is defined in config under CfgFunctions container. New ones can be also added in description.ext file of mission or campaign.

class CfgFunctions
	file = "hsim\ModulesCore_H\modules\functions";
	class BIS
		class category1
			class Test1 		{description="Testing file 1"};
	class HSim
		tag = "BIS";
		class category2
			file = "hsim\modules_h\functions";
			class Test2 		{description="Testing file 2";};
			class Test3 		{description="Testing file 3"; file="test.sqf"};
			class Test4 		{description="Testing file 4 (FSM)"; ext=".fsm"};
  • If 'file' path is not set for the given function, system will search for file in
    • 'file\category\fn_function.sqf" (if functions is defined in description.ext)
  • When file= parameter is defined in category root, all functions in given category will be searched for in this directory.
  • Default ext= is .sqf. You can optionally use .fsm, but no other extensions are compatible. Define .fsm even when you're settings file= leading directly to the file.

Result is:

  • BIS_fnc_Test1 - will load script hsim\ModulesCore_H\modules\functions\category1\test1.sqf from functions directory (see above)
  • BIS_fnc_Test2 - will load script hsim\modules_h\functions\category2\Test2.sqf
  • BIS_fnc_Test3 - will load script test.sqf from mission directory
  • BIS_fnc_Test4 - will load FSM hsim\modules_h\functions\category2\Test4.fsm


Debug Functions

Use debug functions/commands to register params, display errors and log messages. Printed output of these functions automatically contains name of function from which it was called.

Usage of following functions/commands is mandatory:

Examples of debug outputs:

"Helicopter class is empty." call BIS_fnc_halt;
[3104] Log: HALT: [BIS_fnc_heliportHeliAddMission] Helicopter class is empty.

_mission = param [0,worldName,[""]];
[3104] Log: ERROR: [BIS_fnc_endMission] 0: HSim_Player is type OBJECT, must be STRING. "United_States_H" used instead.

["Helicopter '%1' not found.",_heliPlayer] call BIS_fnc_error;
[3104] Log: ERROR: [BIS_fnc_heliportHeliAddMission] Helicopter 'MYHELICOPTER' not found.

42 call BIS_fnc_log;
[3104] array ["Log: [BIS_fnc_heliportInit] ",42]

["Random number is %1",random 999] call BIS_fnc_log;
[3104] Log: [BIS_fnc_heliportInit] Random number is 808.768

Debug Mode

Developers can access several debug modes using BIS_fnc_functionsDebug function.

  1. No debug
    • Default
  2. Save script map
    • Variable _fnc_scriptMap tracking script execution progress is stored in function header
  3. Save and log script map
    • Variable _fnc_scriptMap tracking script execution progress is stored in functions header and it is printed to debug log.

Debug Variables

Store following variables into profileNameSpace to toggle various debug options:

  • BIS_fnc_initRecompileEditor - recompiles functions every time you click on 'Preview' button in editor ensuring changes made in functions are present on mission start.

Meta Variables

System is adding header with basic meta data to all functions. Following local variables are defined there:

  • _fnc_scriptName: STRING - Function name (<tag>_fnc_<name>)
  • _fnc_scriptNameParent: STRING - Name of function from which current one was called (_fnc_scriptName used when not defined)
  • _fnc_scriptMap: ARRAY - List of all parent scripts (available only in debug mode 1 and higher, see above).
Please do not modify these values!

Initialization Order

  1. Functions
  2. Init Event Handlers
  3. Mission.sqm
  4. Init.sqf
  5. Init.sqs
  6. Triggers