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| [[commandMove]], [[setDestination]], [[moveTo]], [[move]], [[addWaypoint]], [[fn_vbs_doMoveEx_(VBS2)|fn_vbs_doMoveEx]] |= See also
| [[commandMove]], [[setDestination]], [[moveTo]], [[move]], [[addWaypoint]], [[fn_vbs_doMoveEx_(VBS2)|fn_vbs_doMoveEx]], [[setExactMovementMode_(VBS2)|setExactMovementMode (VBS2)]], [[getExactMovement_(VBS2)|getExactMovement (VBS2)]] |= See also

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Posted on February 9, 2008
If doMove is to be used in conjunction with waypoint behavior commands (e.g. setSpeedMode), then those have to be issued after the move command to have an effect. Otherwise the move will be done with the default settings.
Posted on February 3, 2009
General Barron
If a unit is part of a group, and is not the leader, the unit will fall back into formation soon after the domove is completed. This does not happen for units that are in a group alone (because they are their own leader). There is no single command to get a unit to move to a position and stay there. The best way to do this is to issue a domove, then wait for the unit to reach his destination, then disable his movement AI. VBS2 users can use the fn_vbs_doMoveEx function.

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