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| arma3 |Game name=
|game1= arma3
|1.32|Game version=
|version1= 1.32
|arg= global|Multiplayer Arguments=
|arg= global
|gr1= Object Manipulation |=GROUP1
|gr1= Object Manipulation
|gr2= Render Time Scope |=GROUP2
|gr2= Render Time Scope
| Returns an object's rendered [[PositionATL|3D position ATL]] (z value above ground) in render time scope. |DESCRIPTION=
|descr= Returns an object's rendered [[Position#PositionATL|ATL position]] (z value above ground) in render time scope.
|'''getPosATLVisual''' object |SYNTAX=
|s1= [[getPosATLVisual]] object
|p1= object: [[Object]]
|p1= object: [[Object]]: - name of the object |PARAMETER1=
|r1= [[Array]] format [[Position#PositionATL|PositionATL]]
| [[Array]] - format [[PositionATL]] |RETURNVALUE=
|x1= <sqf>_playerRenderedPosATL = getPosATLVisual player;</sqf>
|x1= <code>_playerRenderedPosATL = [[getPosATLVisual]] [[player]];</code> |EXAMPLE1=
| [[getPosVisual]], [[getPosASLVisual]], [[getPosWorldVisual]], [[visiblePositionASL]], [[visiblePosition]], [[position]], [[getPos]], [[getPosATL]], [[getPosASL]], [[getPosASLW]] |SEEALSO=
|seealso= [[getPosVisual]] [[getPosASLVisual]] [[getPosWorldVisual]] [[visiblePositionASL]] [[visiblePosition]] [[position]] [[getPos]] [[getPosATL]] [[getPosASL]] [[getPosASLW]]
<h3 style="display:none">Notes</h3>
<dl class="command_description">
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<!-- Note Section END -->
<h3 style="display:none">Bottom Section</h3>
[[Category:Scripting Commands Arma 3|{{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]
[[Category:Scripting Commands|{{uc:{{PAGENAME}}}}]]

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Returns an object's rendered ATL position (z value above ground) in render time scope.
Object ManipulationRender Time Scope


getPosATLVisual object
object: Object
Return Value:
Array format PositionATL


Example 1:
_playerRenderedPosATL = getPosATLVisual player;

Additional Information

See also:
getPosVisual getPosASLVisual getPosWorldVisual visiblePositionASL visiblePosition position getPos getPosATL getPosASL getPosASLW


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