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Returns how much a man is inside a building. The value is the same as normally returned by weapons/ammo sound controller "interior". It is possible to modify an individual object to use sound interior with enableAudioFeature.
The sound is considered internal when the corresponding surface sound name starts with "int_". An object placed inside a building that does not have model CfgSurfaces' soundEvironsic parameter named this way would generate external sound inside the building, and insideBuilding on top of this object would return 0.
Object Manipulation


insideBuilding man
man: Object - entity of class Man
Return Value:
Number - in range 0..1, where 0 is outside, 1 is inside


Example 1:
private _isFullyInside = insideBuilding player == 1;

Additional Information

See also:
buildingPos buildingExit enableAudioFeature BIS_fnc_buildingPositions


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