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Returns PositionAGL of a given indexed position in a building. The index is 0-based (i.e. the first possible position would be 0. So if a building has 5 positions listed in the editor, 4 would be the highest position index usable with this command). Command will return [0,0,0] if buildingPos with given index is non-existent.

Since Arma 3 v.155.133934 if index -1 is supplied, the command will return array with all available positions.


building buildingPos index
building: Object
index: Number - index of a specific position or -1 to return available all positions
Return Value:
Array - a single building position in format PositionAGL or (since Arma 3 v.155.133934) Array of all building positions in format PositionAGL if index is -1


Example 1:
_soldier setPosATL (_house1 buildingPos 2);
Example 2:
_allpositions = nearestBuilding player buildingPos -1;

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Posted on August 2, 2006 - 10:45
Notes from before the conversion: These examples will move a unit to the 1st position specified in a buildings model, in the second example - bunker1. this move (building buildingPos 1); this move (bunker1 buildingPos 1); In the default game buildings, the buildingPos is usually right behind a window. This can make it easy to place units in the windows of buildings, by putting the unit near a building and putting this in its init field: this setPosATL ((nearestBuilding this) buildingPos 1); The location returned by buildingPos is not reliable after the player has exited and then resumed the mission. For code that is executed immediately after the mission starts there is no problem. If buildingPos locations are to be accessed during the mission when the player may have exited and then resumed, save the locations you require at the start of the mission and use these saved locations in your subsequent scripts.
Posted on January 26, 2007 - 01:02
The highest index is not necessarily the highest position in a building! Check the z-value to find out the absolute height of a position.
Posted on February 16, 2007
(building buildingPos 1) will return [0,0,0] if buildingPos with this index does not exist.
Posted on January 08, 2011
Almost all buildings loose their building positions when they get (visually) damaged or destroyed. Some debris do still have building positions though. So it is no technical limitation. Just most damaged/destructed buildings models do not (yet?) have building positions. Keep in mind that a damaged or destroyed building is a different object instance (and model).