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[[Category:Command Group: Camera Control|setCamUseTI]]

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Introduced with Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead version 1.511.51
Hover & click on the images for descriptions


Activates thermal vision. Mode index defines what sort of thermal vision it is:
  • 0 - White Hot
  • 1 - Black Hot
  • 2 - Light Green Hot / Darker Green cold
  • 3 - Black Hot / Darker Green cold
  • 4 - Light Red Hot /Darker Red Cold
  • 5 - Black Hot / Darker Red Cold
  • 6 - White Hot . Darker Red Cold
  • 7 - Thermal (Shade of Red and Green, Bodies are white)
This command only works with camCreate created camera that is currently the main camera for the player (see example).


Bool setCamUseTI modeIndex
Bool: Boolean - enable/disable the effect
modeIndex: Number - Ti mode
Return Value:


Example 1:
true setCamUseTI 1;
Example 2:
"Preditor" vision:_cam = "camera" camCreate [0,0,0]; _cam camSetTarget player; _cam camSetRelPos [0,1,1.5]; _cam cameraEffect ["Internal","Back"]; _cam camCommit 0; true setCamUseTI 7;

Additional Information

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