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Set rendering distance. Setting view distance to >= 0 resets the value to the client's options (set in Options → Video → General → Visibility → Overall).

In previous versions, client's max view distance was limited by the server's view distance.

View distance also defines the maximum distance between a unit and any other unit they can know about. Higher view distance will involve more AI simulation cycles for every unit, which causes low performance. See Arma 3: Performance Optimisation.

Game min. scripted min. UI default max. UI max. scripted
Arma 3 200 500 1600 12000 40000
Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 200 500 2500 10000 15000
Arma 2 200 500 3000 10000 15000
Armed Assault 200 500 1200 10000 15000
Operation Flashpoint 500 500 900 5000 5000


setViewDistance distance
distance: Number - distance in metres; Arma 3 logo black.png1.00 a negative value resets the view distance to user video setting
Return Value:


Example 1:
Example 2:
setViewDistance -1; // reset view distance in Arma 3

Additional Information

See also:
viewDistance setDetailMapBlendPars setTerrainGrid getObjectViewDistance setObjectViewDistance


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