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Mission Editor provides majority of tools required for designing a mission, but finishing touches are usually made outside of it. Briefings, custom scripts, multiplayer settings or final packing are only handled by separate files programs.

Mission Folder

Mission folder with the most common files

Folder Name

Missions are stored as folders with name composed of mission name set in Save window and world name:




World names match classes present in CfgWorlds.

Folder Directory

You can find all missions in your Profile directory.

Single player missions are located in Missions folder, multiplayer missions can be found in MPMissions folder in same directory.


Within the mission folder, you can create as many subfolders as desired. As paths in mission are relative, you can refer to such subfolder using:



Example of mission.sqm


Main article: Mission.sqm

Example of Description.ext


Main article: Description.ext

Example of an *.sqf file


Main article: Script File

External script files are executed by filename, so they can have any filename the author chooses. There are however several special Event Scripts that are automatically executed by the game engine at certain times during the mission.

Example of an *.fsm file


Main article: FSM

Example of overview.html


Main article: Overview.html

The overview.html contains simple mission description and picture visible in main menu mission selection.


Main article: Briefing.html

File loaded automatically when the mission begins, providing mission plan and notes.

The briefing is broken into 4 main sections:

  • Notes
  • Plan
  • Objectives
  • Endings

To preview your briefing whilst in the editor, hold SHIFT while clicking 'Preview'.

Since Arma 2, briefing.html is only used for the debriefing text. For more information see Arma 2 Briefing creation.