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Just as in Operation Flashpoint and Operation Flashpoint: Resistance, there are quite a few Easter Eggs to be found in Armed Assault.

Most of the ones listed here have been discussed in this forum topic (dead link).

Other surprising and funny objects in the game, which wouldn't fully qualify as an Easter Egg, can be found on the page Funny Sightings.

Santa in the Chimney

Santa Easter Egg
Credits: leedeth

As a runner up to OFP's most famous easter egg, many users reported BIS to have added this face in the chimney (visible all year long).

Ghosthouse face in the wall

Face in The Wall
Credits: Redface

There's a gollum-like creature in the wall. It matches nicely the decrepit and derelict state of the house. But does anyone know where it originally comes from?

Notice the brand of the car too.

Beverly Hills on Sahrani

90210 Postal code

Each mailbox in Kindgom of Sahrani have 90210 postal code on it.

Remember Beverly Hills 90210?

Jara Cimrman's quote

"Future is dedicated to aluminium"

Text on dicator's statue says "EL FUTURO PERTENECE AL ALUMINIO" ("Future belongs to aluminium"), which is one of many famous quotes of Czech fictional artist Jára Cimrman.

Random signs and hidden meanings

Credits: armedassault.info

Some random handwriting on the wall. In Czech, pivo means beer and guláš means goulash.

Both words were tagged with "el" to make them fit into the Spanish-themed environment of Sahrani.

AA pod control

AA pod with tetris on. Credits: rundll.exe

The computer on the AA pod (found in 1.14: Warfare) displays a game of tetris.

Mission 13 Blood, Sweat and Tears

"The Sandman"
Credits: Tyger

There are two known Easter Eggs in BS&T as of yet. The first is the appearance of a character dubbed "Sandman" by BIS. He appears behind a house to the left at the beginning of the mission, sitting in a sandbox. In the mission editor, you can find the house the Sandman is behind in the mission in the western portion of Ixel with an object id of 74107. His face is similar to that of a devil, including horns, and he is invincible, yet will not harm the player.

Second, if the player has completed BS&T, and attempts the mission again, the player will say at the beginning of the mission "Hmm, déjà vu. I think I've been here before". The screen will cutText "Hmm, I've been here before, have not I?"


A strange sound file, known as "nymand.ogg", containing the voices of aliens or munchkins can be found in the "Capture the Island" multiplayer mission. It can be heard by traveling to the south-west corner of the map, but there is an 80 percent chance that it will play. If the sound does not play, the mission must be restarted. One may also extract MP06ConquerTheIsland.Sara.pbo with a PBO editing tool and navigate to the /sounds folder to play nymand.ogg with an OGG-compatible media player.

In the czech language the meaning of the word "nymand" corresponds to the English word "loser", although "Niemand" means noone or nobody in Dutch and German. This particular ogg seems to be recreation of Czech voiceovers for frogs from "The Swamp of Despair" from the Red Dwarf's Terrorform episode, where frogs can be heard in the background saying "useless" instead of croaking.