Arma 3: Firing Drills

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This guide will describe how to design and implement a custom Firing Drill Challenge as available in the vanilla game.

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  • Firing Drill (FD) - a live-fire exercise in which a competitor is graded for tactically moving through a course while engaging a set of targets
  • Competitor - the actor performing the drill
  • Range Officer (RO) - the actor observing the drill and providing feedback / guidance
  • Course of Fire (CoF) - the physical space and layout in which the drill is performed
  • Checkpoint (CP) - a navigation point within a course which a competitor must follow in a fixed sequence (if so defined as a rule - see below)
    • The first CP is the start.
    • The last CP is the finish.
    • A strict CP contains shooting boxes (marked areas) from which to fire.
  • Target - an artificial object shot to complete a drill or to receive time bonuses
    • Appearing targets appear and disappear based on activation triggers (see below).
    • Accuracy targets contain zones corresponding to extra time bonuses.
    • Moving targets travel on rails between positions.
    • No-shoot targets are not allowed be hit (adding a time penalty).
    • Bonus targets are optional (rewarding a time bonus).
  • Rule - these help to determine the completion and scoring conditions for a drill
    • Training rules - a rule-set allowing familiarization of the CoF (targets at CPs do not need to be shot to move on)
    • Competitive rules - a rule-set used for Achievements / Leaderboards (targets at CPs need to be shot to move on)
  • Time - the time from the start it takes to complete a drill (raw)
    • Time bonuses / penalties are substracted / added to arrive at the final time.
    • The fastest / lowest time is the best and wins.
    • There are bronze, silver and gold medal times to beat.
    • There may be one special time to beat (must be faster than gold).


  1. Open Eden Editor with the terrain of your choice loaded.
  2. Insert a player character named BIS_FD_Competitor // Fixed system name
  3. Now is a good time to save your scenario a first time. Ideally use a name that is safe to reference as config class, so no spaces - f.e. MyFirstFiringDrill // Referenced later
  4. Insert a NPC Range Master character of type B_RangeMaster_F named BIS_rangeOfficer // Fixed system name / place in a separate group
  5. Insert a Firing Drill module (ModuleFiringDrill_F).
    Start CP setup
  6. Insert an ellipse trigger with default properties named f.e. BIS_FD_COF // Referenced later
    1. Re-size the trigger to encompass your entire CoF and a little extra buffer area (you'll likely re-size it later as you progress).
  7. For each CP (including start and finish), insert a trigger with default properties named f.e. BIS_FD_CP1 // Referenced later
    1. Re-size the trigger to meet your CP activation expectations.
      Finish CP setup
    2. For each optional shooting box within the CP, insert a trigger with default properties named f.e. BIS_FD_CP2_Box // Referenced later
  8. Insert a Target - Oval (Ground) prop named BIS_FD_ruleSelector1 // Referenced later
    1. Save the scenario (be sure binarization is disabled via the checkbox or preferences).
    2. Close Eden Editor to avoid auto-saves.
    3. Open the scenario SQM file in a text editor.
    4. Replace the target's class by Land_Target_Oval_NoPop_F (all targets need to use their hidden NoPop variant).
    5. Save the SQM.
    6. Re-open the scenario in Eden Editor.
    7. Position this target in comfortable shooting range / direction from the start CP (a few meters at most, oriented to be clearly visible and safe).
    8. In the target's Texture #0 field, enter: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_red_ca // Other colors have corresponding textures - see below
  9. Copy and paste the first rule target and name it BIS_FD_ruleSelector2 // Referenced later
    1. Position it near the first rule target, typically right from it.
      CP setup with some targets and a shooting box
    2. In the target's Texture #0 field, enter: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_red_ca // Other colors have corresponding textures - see below
  10. Copy and paste a rule target and name it BIS_FD_restartSelector1 // Referenced later
    1. Position it near the finish CP (a few meters from it, oriented to be clearly visible and safe).
    2. In the target's Texture #0 field, enter: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_red_ca // Other colors have corresponding textures - see below
  11. Copy and paste a rule target and name it BIS_FD_quitSelector1 // Referenced later
    1. Position it near the restart target, typically right from it.
    2. In the target's Texture #0 field, enter: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\quit_ca // Fixed texture no matter the drill color
  12. For each target at each CP, generally do the following (more specifics detailed below):
    1. Insert the desired target object named f.e. BIS_FD_target2_1 // Referenced later (apply a logical naming pattern, such as numbering based on CP index and target index)
    2. Using a similar workflow as above, manually replace its class name with the corresponding NoPop variant (see the look-up table below).
    3. Note that targets do not need to be inside a CP's trigger area (and in many cases probably should not be).
  13. Set up drill properties via description.ext (see below).
  14. Configure your drill via description.ext or via CfgFiringDrills and CfgMissions (see below).

Moving Targets

The easiest approach for moving targets is to place the correct moving pop-up target variant (mind the direction variant too: sideways or forward) in the scene. These moving variants use the same target type profiles as regular pop-up targets. Then use 3D helper objects (that you hide later) as your visual waypoint references used in configuration (see below). Use logical naming conventions to easily match targets to waypoints, such as having the same name as the target with postfix _WP1.

You should also manually lay target rails. One way of doing that is to insert the first piece and manually setting its position / orientation value exactly as your moving target. Next, switch the entity move widget to object space, and slide the rails in only the directional axis you need. After a few pieces, copy and paste multiple to lay increasingly long segments (Ctrl + Shift + V to preserve the exact position). End your rails with the separate end piece in the same way. Unfortunately you cannot achieve perfectly aligned rails on sloped terrain, so keep that in mind or accept this.

Randomized Targets

Positionally randomized targets can be achieved in a similar way, by using 3D helper objects are your visual references. You can then use these named references in the configuration (below). Using the various trigger and chance properties allows you to achieve more randomization. However, consider how much randomization is desired. Too much randomization can defeat repeat training and muscle memory. Different drills may have different objectives in this regard.

Common Additions

  • CP marking objects
    • Recolored objects (road cones, small flags, and multi-color poles for shooting boxes)
    • Direction indicators (arrow signs)
  • Start whiteboard (with CoF layout and tips)
  • Weapon and ammunition containers
  • Decorative props
    • Sponsoring (signs and flags)
    • Range Officer stations (desks, chairs, computers, pen and paper, shot timer, etc.)



#include "\A3\Missions_F_Beta\Challenges\" // This will set up various system default settings, such as custom debriefings

onLoadName = "CoF: My First Drill";						// Name of your drill (normally the same as defined in CfgMissions)
onLoadMission = "Can you beat my splendid drill?!";		// Overview text of your drill (normally the same as defined in CfgMissions)
loadScreen = "MyFirstFiringDrill_overview_CO.paa";		// Overview picture of your drill (normally the same as defined in CfgMissions)
briefingName = "CoF: My First Drill";					// Same name as above
overviewPicture = "myfirstfiringdrill_overview_CO.paa";	// Same picture as above
overviewText = "Can you beat my splendid drill?!";		// Same text as above
author = "Range Officer Bob";							// You!

doneKeys[] = { "MyFirstFiringDrill_done" }; // Registers having completed (achieved competitive gold or special) your drill
Not all properties in this sample config are needed for every drill; they are included to showcase all options.
// This primary drill configuration can also be implemented via a mod config, but doing so via description.ext is simplest in most cases.
class CfgFiringDrills
	// When using description.ext, the name of this class does not matter much (the system selects the first class)
	// When using a mod config, this class name must correspond to the missionName(Source) (also CfgMissions class)
	class MyFirstFiringDrill
		displayName = "CoF: My First Drill"; // Vanilla drills use a format like this, but it is not enforced
		// This color is used in many places
		// It can be any color, but for best results pick a fully supported color (see section below)
		color[] = { __EVAL(177/255), __EVAL(51/255), __EVAL(57/255), 1 };
		colorName = "red";			// This version of the color is more restrictive and can only use specific supported colors (see section below)
		objectCOF = "BIS_FD_COF";	// The CoF trigger referenced in the setup guide
		// statistic = "";			// Steam stats are not supported for user-generated drills (used for Achievements)
		// leaderboard = "";		// Steam Leaderboards are not supported for user-generated drills
		onReset = "reset.sqf";		// This script is executed each time the drill resets (restarts)

		// List any number of objects that you want to be re-colored to the drill color above (f.e. road cones, small flags, etc.)
		recolor[] =

		// Set up objects that should have special decal textures applied (this was more useful before Eden Editor - see vanilla decals below)
		// In vanilla drills these are often graffiti on wooden shoot house walls
		decals[] =
			{ "BIS_FD_decal1", "A3\Missions_F_Beta\data\img\decals\decal_sidearm1_ca", 5 } // Object reference, texture path, hidden selection index

		// Object references to the 4 special targets for drill mechanics, as defined in the setup guide
		ruleSelectors[] =

		restartSelectors[] = { "BIS_FD_restartSelector1" };
		quitSelectors[] = { "BIS_FD_quitSelector1" };

		containersWeapons[] = { "BIS_weaponsFD1" };				// All containers that should be filled with the drill weapons
		containersMagazines[] = { "BIS_ammoFD1_1", "BIS_ammoFD1_2", "BIS_ammoFD1_3", "BIS_ammoFD1_4" }; // All containers that should be filled with the drill ammunition
		containersMagazinesCount[] = { 10, 10 };				// The count of magazines of each type in the containers
		weapons[] = { "SMG_02_ACO_F", "hgun_Rook40_F" };		// The legal weapons for this drill (retrieve via Virtual Arsenal export f.e.)
		magazines[] = { "30Rnd_9x21_Mag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag" };	// The legal magazines for this drill
		weaponsCompetitor[] = { "SMG_02_ACO_F", "hgun_Rook40_F" }; // Starting weapons for the competitor
		magazinesCompetitor[] = { "30Rnd_9x21_Mag", "16Rnd_9x21_Mag" }; // Starting magazines for the competitor
		magazinesCompetitorCount = 6;							// The starting magazine count per weapon for the competitor
		competitorStart = "BIS_rangeOfficer1A";					// Marker reference to a non-default (re)starting position for the competitor
																// (used for the special intro in CoF: Green)

		timesMedals[] = { 60, 45, 30 }; // Bronze, silver, gold medal times (be sure to follow this order or results may glitch)

		timeSpecial = 15;			// Optional special time that is faster than gold (when defining this, you do need to also provide the data below)
		nameSpecial = "Nemesis";	// Optional special time label for the HUD
		colorSpecial = "#ffa500";	// Optional special time color for the HUD
		iconSpecial = "\A3\Ui_f\data\GUI\Cfg\Ranks\colonel_gs"; // Optional special time icon for the HUD

		// Rule-set parameters for competitive and training
		// All vanilla drills use these same settings
		// It is possible to tweak these values, but that will likely create confusion for players!
		class RuleSets
			// CP mode: 1 - CPs on but targets don't need shooting / 2 - CPs on and all non-optional targets need shooting
			// Target randomization: rule not used - ignored
			// Weapons used: 1 - any weapon can be used everywhere / 2 - CPs may define a required weapon (or incur a time penalty)
			// Shooting boxes: 1 - shooting boxes in CPs are ignored / 2 - shooting boxes in CPs are forced (shooting outside of them incurs a time penalty)
			// Stances used: 1 - any stance can be used everywhere / 2 - CPs may define a required stance (or incur a time penalty)
			// Medals: 0 - medal times are not tracked / 1 - medal times are tracked and feedback is given
			competitive[] = { 2, 0, 2, 2, 2, 1 };
			training[] = { 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 0 };

		// Legacy class used before Eden Editor to load precise object compositions (should not be needed anymore)
		// class DynOs
		// {
		//		script = "dyno_myfirstfiringdrill.sqf"; // Valid DynO mapper output script
		//		positionAnchor[] = { 500, 500 }; // DynO mapper anchor position in the world
		// };

		// All of the drill's CPs
		class CheckPoints
			class CP1 // Start
				object = "BIS_FD_CP1"; // The CP trigger referenced in the setup guide

			class CP2 // CP #1
				object = "BIS_FD_CP2";

				// Normally targets (positions) are only randomized once on starting a drill, not when restarting it in the same session
				// This changes that (undefined uses 0)
				resetRandomizeTargets = 1;
				disableFeedback = 1;	// Disables the default Range Officer radio feedback for this CP (undefined uses 0)
				height = 5;				// Only use this ASL forced height for CPs above ground, such as on top of a movement obstacle or inside a building on a raised floor
				onActivate = "CP2_onActivate.sqf";		// Script executed when this CP is activated (passed [CP object])
				onDeactivate = "CP2_onDeactivate.sqf";	// Script executed when this CP is deactivated (passed [CP object])
				onClear = "CP2_onClear.sqf";			// Script executed when this CP is cleared (passed [CP object])
				weapons[] = { "hgun_Rook40_F" };		// Makes this the required weapon(s) to use at this CP when strict / competitive rules are used
				stances[] = { "crouch" };		// Makes this the required stance(s) to use at this CP when strict / competitive rules are used (prone / crouch / stand)
				shootingBoxes[] = { "BIS_FD_CP2_Box" };	// Trigger reference to one or more shooting boxes within the CP when strict / competitive rules are used
				binocularCompetitor = "Binocular";		// Optionally defining a non-default binocular class (this is the default)
				nvgCompetitor = "";						// Optionally defining a non-default NVG class (this is the default so no NVG)

				// Configuring all targets associated with this CP
				class Targets
					class T1
						object = "BIS_FD_target2_1";	// Object reference for the target placed as in the setup guide
						type = "PopUp_Acc1";			// Target type profile as defined in the central CfgFiringDrills (see vanilla targets below)
						upTime = 5; // How long in seconds does the target stay active before counting as missed (if not hit)?

					class T2 : T1
						object = "BIS_FD_target2_2";
						trigger = "BIS_FD_target2_1"; // Reference to another target which must be hit for this one to activate
						triggerTime = 2; // How long in seconds after triggering this target does it actually activate?

						// Marker or object references to positions and directions used (in pairs) to randomize the target
						// Normally it would happen once when starting, but for this CP every time you restart
						positions[] =

						directions[] =

					class T3
						object = "BIS_FD_target2_3";
						type = "PopUp";
						trigger[] = { "BIS_FD_target2_1", "BIS_FD_target2_2" }; // Triggers can also be multiple other targets to have hit

						// Marker or object position references to form a chain of movement waypoints for this target
						// These are matched to the times in seconds for each segment of movement
						positionsMove[] =

						timesMove[] =

						hitCondition = "targets_hitCondition.sqf"; 	// Special compiled script called when the target is hit,
																	// which can determine if the hit is legal or not (return true to count as hit, false otherwise)

					class T4
						object = "BIS_FD_target2_4";
						type = "PopUp_Acc2";
						upTime = 10;
						triggerChance = 0.5; // Chance to trigger this target at all (0 - 1, so 50% in this case)

					class T5
						object = "BIS_FD_target2_5";
						type = "PopUp";

						// Chance for this trigger to even spawn at all (0 - 1, so 80% in this case)
						// Be careful not to create impossible situations, where this target is a trigger for another target!
						chance = 0.8;

					class NoShoot1
						object = "BIS_FD_noShoot2_1";
						noShoot = 1;		// Makes this target illegal to hit (incurring a time penalty if hit)

					class Bonus1
						object = "BIS_FD_bonus2_1";
						optional = 1;		// Makes this an optional target that does not need shooting even on strict / competitive rules
						noRecolor = 1;		// By default most optional targets get recolored to the drill color, but here you can disable that (undefined uses 0)
						bonus = 5;			// Defines the bonus points received for hitting this target (translates to -5 seconds)
						type = "Balloon";	// Some vanilla target type profiles are well-suited as optional, such as this one
						onActivate = "targets_onActivate.sqf";		// Script executed when this target activates (passed [target object])
						onDeactivate = "targets_onDeactivate.sqf";	// Script executed when this target deactivates (passed [target object])
						onHit = "targets_onHit.sqf";				// Script executed on hitting this target
																	// (passed [target, projectile velocity array, hit selections array, shooter object])
						onReset = "targets_onReset.sqf";			// Script executed when this target resets (passed [target object])

			class CP3 // Finish
				object = "BIS_FD_CP3";


This is only needed for drills configured via mod config (not via description.ext).
class CfgMissions
	// This will expose the drill in the SINGLEPLAYER > CHALLENGES > Firing Drills menu
	class Challenges
		class Firing_Drills
			class MyFirstFiringDrill // This class should correspond to the class in CfgFiringDrills above
				directory = "myFirstFiringDrill.stratis";				// Full path to your drill's scenario folder
				briefingName = "CoF: My First Drill";					// Name of your drill (normally the same as defined in CfgFiringDrills)
				overviewText = "Can you beat my splendid drill?!";		// Overview text of your drill (idem)
				overviewPicture = "myfirstfiringdrill_overview_CO.paa";	// Overview picture of your drill (idem)
				overviewScript = "\A3\Modules_F_Beta\FiringDrills\scripts\overviewScript.sqf"; // Standard system script to handle the pause menu properly - don't change
				author = "Range Officer Bob";							// You!

			// Alternatively you can list your drill in one of the vanilla color categories: Red, Blue, Orange, Purple
			// class Blue
			// {
			// 		Define your drill here instead for example
			// };


The system-level configuration could be adjusted by a mod, but consider if that is not going to confuse players who may be trained on vanilla drills.
class CfgFiringDrills
	// Below point bonuses and penalties are multiplied by this factor to determine time bonuses and penalties
	pointTimeMultiplier = 0.1;

	bonusWeapon = 1;		// Bonus for using the correct weapon at a CP (never awarded - disabled)
	bonusShootingBox = 3;	// Bonus for shooting from shooting boxes at a CP (never awarded - disabled)
	bonusStance = 1.5;		// Bonus for using the correct stance at a CP (never awarded - disabled)
	penaltyWeapon = 3;		// Penalty for engaging using an incorrect weapon at a CP
	penaltyShootingBox = 5;	// Penalty for engaging from outside a shooting box at a CP
	penaltyStance = 2;		// Penalty for engaging from the incorrect stance at a CP
	penaltyNoShoot = 50;	// Penalty for hitting a no-shoot target (so this is 5 seconds)
	penaltyMissed = 25;		// Penalty for failing to hit an activated target

	// HUD icons for the medal times
	iconsMedals[] =
		"A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\medal_bronze_ca",	// Bronze
		"A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\medal_silver_ca",	// Silver
		"A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\medal_gold_ca"		// Gold

	// HUD colors for the medal times
	colorsMedals[] =
		"#A0522D",	// Bronze
		"#C0C0C0",	// Silver
		"#FFD700"	// Gold

	// The vanilla configuration defines several common target type profiles
	// This example configures a theoretical new one
	class Targets
		class MyFirstTarget
			selectionsHit[] = { "target" };						// All named selections on the model that count as valid hit
			onReset = "myFirstTarget_onReset.sqf";				// Optional script executed when the target is reset
			onActivate = "myFirstTarget_onActivate.sqf";		// Optional script executed when the target is activated
			onDeactivate = "myFirstTarget_onDeactivate.sqf";	// Optional script executed when the target is deactivated
			onHit = "myFirstTarget_onHit.sqf";					// Optional script executed when the target is hit while activated
			downTime = 0.5;	// An extra delay in seconds before a valid target hit is registered (i.e. onHit is executed - undefined uses 0)
			noRecolor = 1;	// This target is never re-colored by the drill color (mainly applies to optional targets - undefined uses 0)

			// Certain targets over 200 meters away from the competitor will open a Picture-in-Picture camera feed to show hits
			cameraPos[] = { 0, -1.5, 0.5 };		// Relative camera position from the target center
			cameraTarget[] = { 0, 0, 1 };		// Relative camera target from the target center
			cameraFOV = 0.4;					// Camera Field of View setting (zoom)

			// Accuracy (bonus) hit zones
			class Zones
				class Top
					center[] = { 0, 0, 0.5 };	// Relative center position of the zone from the target center
					maxDistances[] =			// Radii in meters of accuracy rings within this zone

					bonuses[] =					// Bonuses associated to the rings defined above

			// In some cases the same target model has several texture variants with different accuracy zones
			// These can be overridden within the same target profile by creating a sub-class of the same class as the specific target itself
			// In that sub-class, define only the relevant class Zones
			// class MyTargetType
			// {
			// 	class Zones { ... };
			// };


These are the vanilla target type profiles you can reference in your drill's CfgFiringDrills class.
Target Type Profile Description Notes
arma3 fd target popup.jpg PopUp Classic human-shaped pop-up targets (all target picture variants) Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target popup acc1.jpg PopUp_Acc1 The same targets, but with the accuracy zones Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target popup zom acc1.jpg PopUp_Zom_Acc1 Zombie-variant of the target with accuracy zones Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target popup acc2.jpg PopUp_Acc2 The same targets, but with the bull's eye paper Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target swivel.jpg Swivel Swivel variants of the pop-up targets
  • Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
  • Use this setVariable ["BIS_angleMin", 90]; or this setVariable ["BIS_angleMax", 120]; to change the rotation range
arma3 fd target popup oval.jpg PopUp_Oval Simple round metal plate pop-up targets
  • Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
  • A3\Modules_F_Beta\data\FiringDrills\target_oval_ca as Texture #0 to mark it as yellow target
arma3 fd target duel.jpg Duel Dueling tree target (this one effectively requires setting up hitCondition and other event scripts to work well) Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target skeet.jpg Skeet Clay skeets Simulation off (also set this setVariable ["BIS_DynO_simulation", false]; for legacy reasons) / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target metal pole skeet.jpg Metal_Pole_Skeet Metal poles with a clay skeet mounted to them Simulation on / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target steel plate.jpg Steel_Plate The simplest of standing steel plates Simulation on / damage off
arma3 fd target balloon.jpg Balloon
  • Simulation off (also via code above) / damage on / NoPop variant without Land_
  • Often used above the ground, so use this setVariable ["BIS_DynO_ASL", true]; to support that
arma3 fd target orange.jpg Orange Fruit (often used as optional bonus) Simulation off (also via code above) / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target pumpkin.jpg Pumpkin Fruit (often used as optional bonus) Simulation off (also via code above) / damage on / NoPop variant
arma3 fd target aftershave.jpg Aftershave "Arma" Eau de Combat (often used as optional bonus) Simulation off (also via code above) / damage on / NoPop variant
VR_Entity special-purpose in CoF: Gray
VR_Skeet special-purpose in CoF: Gray

Steam Workshop

When a drill is self-contained (i.e. configured via description.ext), it can be published to the Steam Workshop as Scenario. When players subscribe to such drill, it will be listed in their CHALLENGES menu.

  • You need to manually add the FiringDrill tag while publishing to Workshop!
  • Renaming a drill after publication may invalidate stored record times for subscribed players!
  • Your stored record times from Eden Editor testing (during development), will likely differ to those after publication / subscription.
  • Steam Leaderboards are not supported for Workshop drills.
  • A subscribed drill's medal times will not show in the overview until it has been completed at least once.

Run-Time Tools

Some things are exposed and possible to change or use run-time, f.e. to make special unlocks or events happen.
  • BIS_FD_weaponsCompetitor: an array of weapon classes provided to the competitor when the drill (re)starts
  • BIS_FD_magazinesCompetitor: an array of magazine classes provided to the competitor when the drill (re)starts
  • BIS_FD_magazinesCompetitorCount: the amount of magazines per type provided to the competitor when the drill (re)starts - default is 5
  • BIS_FD_targetHitCode: code which can be called with dummy parameters to simulate a fake target hit for special events (expects hitPart Event Handler parameters)
  • BIS_FD_hasReset: code which returns true when the drill has reset, ended, or is ending
  • BIS_FD_phase: 0 - drill pre-init / 1 - drill selecting rules / 2 - drill started / 3 - drill terminated / -1 - drill restarting


While you can define any color you want for a drill, only several are fully supported. These colors are used for: object recoloring, HUD, frangible target hit VFX, map markers, etc. If you want to use another color, consider selecting the nearest matching colorName.
  • colorName: "red" - multi-gun
    • color: __EVAL(177/255), __EVAL(51/255), __EVAL(57/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_red_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_red_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_red_ca
  • colorName: "green" - introduction / tutorial
    • color: __EVAL(173/255), __EVAL(191/255), __EVAL(131/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_green_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_green_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_green_ca
  • colorName: "orange" - long-range
    • color: __EVAL(240/255), __EVAL(130/255), __EVAL(49/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_orange_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_orange_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_orange_ca
  • colorName: "blue" - Close Quarters Combat
    • color: __EVAL(103/255), __EVAL(139/255), __EVAL(155/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_blue_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_blue_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_blue_ca
  • colorName: "purple" - specialist marksman
    • color: __EVAL(176/255), __EVAL(64/255), __EVAL(167/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_purple_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_purple_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_purple_ca
  • colorName: "gray" - CTRG
    • color: __EVAL(90/255), __EVAL(89/255), __EVAL(90/255), 1
    • Training rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\training_gray_ca
    • Competitive rules selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\competitive_gray_ca
    • Restart selector: A3\modules_f_beta\data\FiringDrills\restart_gray_ca
  • colorName: "white" - not used / supported in vanilla


  • These are graffiti decals available in vanilla data. There are a few more, but those are highly specific.
  • All of these are available in the above colors. Replace the number in the texture path:
  1. red
  2. orange
  3. green
  4. blue
  5. purple
  6. gray
Decal Texture Path Usage Tips
arma3 fd decal crawl1 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_crawl1_ca Crawl to pass obstacle
arma3 fd decal crouch2 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_crouch2_ca Crouch stance CP requirement
arma3 fd decal kneel3 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_kneel3_ca Kneel here
arma3 fd decal lean left4 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_lean_left4_ca Lean left here
arma3 fd decal lean right5 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_lean_right5_ca Lean right here
arma3 fd decal move left6 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_move_left6_ca Move left to pass obstacle
arma3 fd decal move right1 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_move_right1_ca Move right to pass obstacle
arma3 fd decal noshoot target2 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_noshoot_target2_ca Behind this obstacle: no-shoot target (left) / target (right)
arma3 fd decal penetrate3 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_penetrate3_ca Penetrate this obstacle to hit targets
arma3 fd decal prone4 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_prone4_ca Prone stance CP requirement
arma3 fd decal rifle5 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_rifle5_ca Rifle-type weapon CP requirement
arma3 fd decal sidearm6 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_sidearm6_ca Sidearm-type weapon CP requirement
arma3 fd decal stand1 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_stand1_ca Stand here
arma3 fd decal target noshoot2 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_target_noshoot2_ca Behind this obstacle: target (left) / no-shoot target (right)
arma3 fd decal target right3 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_target_right3_ca Behind this obstacle: nothing (left) / target (right)
arma3 fd decal target target4 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_target_target4_ca Behind this obstacle: target (left) / target (right)
arma3 fd decal vault5 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_vault5_ca Vault this obstacle to pass
arma3 fd decal watch out6 ca.png A3\missions_f_beta\data\img\decals\decal_watch_out6_ca Warning!


  • Vanilla CoFs are designed to be somewhat realistic and safe as a non-lethal competitive shooting training / sport. Try to imagine and implement range safety concerns in your target and prop placement. For example, don't place targets in a line of sight of the start, Range Officer, or other spectators. Generally try to solidly block off areas behind targets where possible.
  • For random / moving target position references, use small colored helper spheres in Eden Editor. Just remember to hide them all in an init script for example: { hideObject _x } forEach (allMissionObjects "Sign_Sphere10cm_F");
  • In special cases you may wish for a more complex target trigger. Do this by placing a dummy trigger object (f.e. a Game Logic) with named reference. Configure this reference as the target's trigger. When you want to trigger this target, execute in any script environment: YourTriggerObject setVariable ["state", 3];
  • There are several useful variables stored in the scenario and CP / target objects (but in most cases manipulating them directly will break the system; read them only):
    • BIS_FD_CPs: array of CP object references
    • CP
      • "CP": CP index number
      • "activated": true when activated
      • "clear": true when cleared
    • Target (most configuration parameters are also stored as similarly named variables, f.e. "optional")
      • "state": 0 - spawned / 1 - will trigger / 2 - triggered / 3 - hit / 4 - missed
      • "targets": array of all CP target object references
  • In order to make targets that are not positioned on the ground work well (especially after drill resets), you will need to execute on them: this setVariable ["BIS_DynO_ASL", true]
  • While designing a drill, you may wish to use function BIS_fnc_moduleFDAutoTraining, which let's you quickly go to a specific CP.
    • [5, true] spawn BIS_fnc_moduleFDAutoTraining // Skip instantly to CP with index 5 (using false will teleport between CPs until reaching the specified one)
Typical no-shoot target
  • Vanilla no-shoot targets are using the Simple Target (Target_F) with init: this setObjectTexture [0, ""]; this setObjectTexture [1, "#(argb,8,8,3)color(0.4,0.0,0.5,1.0,co)"];
  • Balancing a drill can be quite hard, since there is a broad range of skills in the playerbase.
    • You should set appropriate medal times.
    • It's recommended to start harder / more difficult, rather than too easy. It's better to nerf later than to go the other way (since you cannot easily undo recorded times).
    • Start by simply playtesting the drill a lot and determining your own best medal times (or invite other playtesters and record their runs / times - video recordings can also be helpful for spotting issues).
      • Real balancing typically starts towards the end of development, because even slight changes can affect times a lot, let alone adding / removing CPs or targets.
    • You can also attempt to mathematically balance a drill (this is not fool-proof, but it may help validate your times):
      • Start by sprinting the quickest route possible through all CPs to get a baseline time.
      • Tally all possible bonuses (optional targets and accuracy bonuses).
      • Tally all non-optional targets and multiply by a reasonable time-on-target.
        • Take into account also target triggers and other time factors.
      • Combine the data above to arrive at a final time.
        • This still does not completely simulate the best possible time of course; for example weapon reloads are not included.
    • Vanilla drills apply the following abstract goals per medal:
      • Bronze: achievable by doing a casual drill (perhaps missing a few targets) but not taking many risks. For a typical user it should take 1-3 attempts.
      • Silver: achievable by doing a good drill and taking some risks (sprinting and cutting some corners). Might take 2-5 attempts for example.
      • Gold: meant to be hard. This needs to be a perfectly run drill, at full speed and taking risks. It may take more than 5 attempts.
      • Special: designed to be extremely hard. Some may never beat this.