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Propaganda leaflets are a new feature introduced in Arma 3 Laws of War DLC (Arma 3 logo black.png1.76)

A drone dropping leaflets

Mission Usage

Leaflets are a special weapon which can be fired both by a player or AI.

To add leaflets to an Utility Drone, use pylons settings in Eden Editor:

a3 orange leaflets pylons.jpg

Alternatively, you can add them by script:

myDrone addMagazine "1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F";
myDrone addWeapon "Bomb_Leaflets";

Several leaflet types exist apart from West, see the table below.

To let AI drop the leaflets, simply fire the weapon:

myDrone fire "Bomb_Leaflets";

Custom Leaflets

Leaflet visuals are tied to specific magazine type. They are defined in global Config.cpp, but can be overriden in Description.ext:

class CfgLeaflets
	class West // Configuration for 1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F
		text = "Text of the leaflet"; // Text shown when previewing the leaflet full-screen. Ideally should be localized, so even player who cannot read the image can get the information
		texture = "myLeaflet_ca.paa"; // Leaflet texture shown when previewing the leaflet full-screen
		model = "myLeaflet.p3d"; // In-flight model. Optional; When undefined, generic white leaflet is used

Leaflet Classes

Magazine class CfgLeaflets class Default Texture
1Rnd_Leaflets_West_F West a3 orange cfgleaflets west ca.jpg
1Rnd_Leaflets_East_F East a3 orange cfgleaflets east ca.jpg
1Rnd_Leaflets_Guer_F Guer a3 orange cfgleaflets guer ca.jpg
1Rnd_Leaflets_Civ_F Civ a3 orange cfgleaflets civ ca.jpg
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_01_F Custom_01 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_02_F Custom_02 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_03_F Custom_03 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_04_F Custom_04 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_05_F Custom_05 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_06_F Custom_06 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_07_F Custom_07 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_08_F Custom_08 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_09_F Custom_09 Empty
1Rnd_Leaflets_Custom_10_F Custom_10 Empty

Leaflet Preview

Once a leaflet falls on the ground, it can be inspected using hold action. It will bring up a full-screen leaflet preview with the ability to show localized text of the leaflet.

Scripting Functions