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Arma Reforger is the first game revealing the full power of the new Enfusion Engine to the public.

Buy Arma Reforger

Where to buy Arma Reforger:

Platform Links

Start with the Game

Quickstart Guide for Arma Reforger
  • Read the in-game Field Manual (Main Menu > Field Manual)
  • Set your Settings:
    • Set your graphical preferences (Main Menu > Settings > Video)
    • Set your controls (Main Menu > Settings > Controls)


Play in Single Player


The tutorial is available from the main menu through Play > Tutorial (scrolling through the entries may be required).


Resistance Ops has been introduced with armareforger-symbol black.png1.1.0; see its Update News on the official website. See also the Workshop to find and download community-made Single Player Scenarios!

Playing in Multiplayer

The Multiplayer main menu tile offers an interface to choose from various servers - from Official to Community-hosted ones.

Use Mods

The Workshop main menu tile opens the Workshop that hosts all game-accessible community-created content - missions, assets, features.

Download and activate mods from the Workshop to expand the game's possibilities!

Find Players, Communities, Assistance

Official Communication Channels

  • Official Arma Reforger Forums
  • Official Arma Discord
    • Players and Community
      • #looking_for_game channel if you are looking for players
      • #looking_for_game_xbox channel if you are looking for players on Xbox
      • #looking_for_unit channel if you are looking for a group of players
      • #communities_arma channel to browse advertising communities
    • Assistance
      • #reforger_troubleshooting for technical assistance
      • #reforger_workbench, #enfusion_scripting and all Enfusion Modifications category channels
      • #community_wiki channel where discussions about articles on this wiki happen
      • And for all your other questions, #reforger_questions is the channel to be!

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