CWR2 - Dutch Armed Forces

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CWR2 - Dutch Armed Forces
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2D Sander
Colonel Stagler
3D Sander
Colonel Stagler
Script W0lle
Code W0lle
Missions W0lle
Released Yes
Release date July 2014
Version 1.7 - December 2019
Dutch Soldiers
Dutch Soldiers
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The CWR2 Addon Netherland Armed Forces was released in July 2014. It contains dutch soldiers and equipment around the year 1985.


The Royal Netherlands Army (Dutch: Koninklijke Landmacht) is the land forces element of the military of the Netherlands. Though the Royal Netherlands Army was raised on 9 January 1814, its origins date back to 1572, when the Staatse Leger was raised -- making the Dutch standing army one of the oldest in the world. It fought in the Napoleonic Wars, World War II, the Indonesian War of Independence, and the Korean War and served with NATO on the Cold War frontiers in Germany from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The army then fought in the Indonesian War of Independence 1945–1949, in Korea in 1950-53, and the war with Indonesia over New Guinea, 1960–1962. The Royal Netherlands Navy and an army battalion were sent to Korea between 1950 and 1954. In total, 3,972 Soldiers were sent to fight the war in Korea, 123 died in combat.

The I (Netherlands) Corps stood watch alongside its NATO allies in Germany during the Cold War. The corps consisted of three divisions during the 1980s, the 1st, 4th, and 5th (reserve) divisions. It was part of the NATO Northern Army Group. The corps's war assignment, as formulated by Commander, Northern Army Group (COMNORTHAG), would be to

  • Assume responsibility for its corps sector and relieve 1st German Corps forces as soon as possible.
  • Fight the covering force battle in accordance with COMNORTHAG's concept of operations.
  • In the main defensive battle
  1. hold and destroy the forces of the enemy's leading armies conventionally as far east as possible, maintaining cohesion with 1 (GE) Corps
  2. in the event of a major penetration affecting 1 (NL) Corps sector, be prepared to hold the area between the roads A7 and B3 and to conduct a counterattack according to COMNORTHAG's concept of operations.
  • Maintain cohesion with LANDJUT and secure NORTHAG's left flank in the Forward Combat Zone.

During the early 1990s I (NL) Corps was reduced to the First Division 7 December, which became part of I. German/Dutch Corps, and then later the division headquarters itself was disbanded.

Since the end of the Cold War, the army concentrates on peace-keeping and peace-enforcing operations and has been involved in several operations (in Lebanon between 1979 and 1985, and the former Yugoslavia (Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia and Kosovo) 1991–present, but also in Cambodia 1992–1994, Haiti 1995–1996, Cyprus 1998–1999, Eritrea and Ethiopia 2001, and most recent in Iraq 2003–2005, Afghanistan 2002–2010 and Chad 2008–2009).


Cold War Rearmed² is required for this Expansion, this is not a standalone addon. ARMA 2: Combined Operations (ARMA 2 + Operation Arrowhead) v1.62 is required to use the Cold War Rearmed² Modification.

Content (1.08)


  • Machine Gunner
  • Marksman
  • Medic
  • Mountain Leader
  • Rifleman
  • Rifleman (Backpack)
  • Rifleman (LAW)
  • Rifleman (Uzi)
  • Team Leader
  • AA Specialist
  • Asst. AT Specialist
  • Asst. Machine Gunner
  • AT Specialist
  • Automatic Rifleman
  • Engineer
  • Forward Observer
  • Grenadier
  • Machine Gunner
  • Winter soldiers


none included yet


  • FN FAL
  • FN MAG
  • FN Browning Hi-Power
  • FN Browning Hi-Power (SD)


  • Ammo crates
  • Backpacks


  • Colonel Stagler: Models, Textures
  • Sander: Project Lead, Models, Textures
  • W0lle: Documentation