Cold War Rearmed 2

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Cold War Rearmed 2
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2D Bushlurker
3D Colonel Stagler
Code Mikero
Island Mondkalb
Missions Psychobastard
Betatest OMAC
External ACE2 Mod Team
CSLA Mod Team
Lord Jarhead
RHS Mod Team
Release date 3. March 2015
Version 1.7 (December 2019)
M60A1 Tank with US-Soldiers
M60A1 Tank with US-Soldiers
Link Version 1.7


Cold War Rearmed² is a community project to recreate the experience of the excellent Cold War Crisis and Resistance campaigns from Operation Flashpoint, taking advantage of Bohemia Interactives’s modern engine and gameplay enhancements from Operation Arrowhead. The idea is to rework the original content to take advantage of the enhancements BIS has made to the ArmA II engine.

Cold War Rearmed 2 Official Website

Cold War Rearmed 2 Official Twitter account

Key Features

  • Updated original OFP islands
  • All original vehicles from OFP with new textures
  • New units textured in the Cold War era style
  • OFP-like user interface
  • The whole CWC and Resistance campaigns
  • All original SP and MP missions from BIS
  • Realistic descriptions and vehicles names
  • Additional vehicles for the Resistance

CWR Addons

CWR Addons contains addons that are not from the original OFP:R series, but which had been made by the community. The current CWR Addons are:

  • CWR Editor, which contains the classes of the OFP addons objects1.pbo, objects2.pbo, editorupgradeONE.pbo and the EditorUpdates

If you have an OFP addon from which you think it should be included and which is ready to use (sorry we have no time to convert more addons) then feel free to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Cold War Rearmed² is going to be released?

The last and final version is already online since December 2019

Can I participate

Since the project is closed, no. But we definitely can need helping hands with CWR III.

Will other Mods work with CWR?

We try to make Cold War Rearmed² compatible to other Mods, however we can't promise anything at the moment.

Is Cold War Rearmed² creating custom classes for the units (like a normal addon/mod) or is this mod going to replace the default ArmA units.

To achieve maximum compatibility with already created OFP missions the classnames used are exactly the same as in OFP. Bonus content however will use the CWR2_ tag. That means when using the CWR Mod the default ArmA units will be replaced by CWR ones. It also means that your OFP missions will work with little to no changes.

Are you going to modify something regarding the AI/gameplay?

There are no plans in changing gameplay/AI. At some point we might add more realistic weapon values than the ones used in OFP/ArmA2.

Why CWR is using the Xbox soundfiles?

Due to copyright issues we cannot use the original soundfiles from OFP.

Are we able to change the soundfiles?

In theory you can do this, however since we're using the Xbox missions too there are errors because of no more existing sounds which are not played then. In the end your playing experience might be even more worse. However we try to use the same soundnames (not files) as in OFP so it might be easier to achieve this in Cold War Rearmed².

Does the AKM/AK-74 still has a 3 round burst mode?

Even though the weapon was like this in OFP I think it doesn't break anything if we use this time correct weapon firemodes.


For Screenshots please see the Discussion thread


Release RC5 (public Beta)

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