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Since the release of Visitor 2, Terrain creating has become very popular among the community. Dozens of islands have been released since 2002 even a few pushing Operation Flashpoint to its limits with 512x512 sized Islands.

The new Terrain tool by Bohemia Interactive is simply named Visitor 3 which can generate nice enviroments in combination with Linda. Not much is known about the new terrain tools at this point.

Basic Information

Before you start on an map you must know there are limits to Terrain editing;

  • Size should be kept below 512x512 due OFP being poor at handling such sizes, however for Operation Flashpoint: Elite special terrain streaming has been developed to support better performance and larger Islands like Sahrani.
  • Max amount of ground textures is around 512.
  • Should you use textures higher than 512x512 than keep an eye on amount of transition as it can take a lot of space.
  • Islands/maps can't be 512x256 in size only same sizes as textures.
  • Islands/maps cannot have smaller cells than 50m although a workaround has been released but is unplayable really.
  • Maximum terrain height is around 1450m

Basicly Terrain editing is quite easy in Visitor2 or WrpTool but takes a lot of time. You can choose between 2 tools to create an island, called: Visitor 2 or WrpTool.

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