Eden Editor: Configuring Asset Previews

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3den editorPreview.gif

Picture Production

  1. Increase folder size for screenshots to at least 1000 MB. The process how to do it is described in screenshot command description.
  2. Run Arma 3
  3. Set the following video settings:
    • 16:9 aspect ratio
    • Object, texture and shadow quality to at least Very High
    • FSAA at 8x
    • PPAA disabled (brightens the image too much)
    • Bloom disabled
    • Make sure HDRprecision is set to 16 in the arma3.cfg
    Disabling Depth of Field along with the above settings can be used to generate images with a transparent background, which can be useful for image editing.
    However by convention, Arma 3 asset previews include the ground plane background and the asset's shadow projected on the ground plane. So it is advisable to set the DoF slider to a non-zero value.
  4. Open Eden Editor on VR terrain
  5. Run the BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews function to capture images. Code examples:
    // All objects
    0 = [] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
    // All characters and vehicles. Capturing delay will be 0.5 seconds
    0 = [0.5,"vehicles"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
    // BLUFOR characters and vehicles
    0 = [nil,"vehicles",[west]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
    // Props in Karts DLC
    0 = [nil,"props",[],["kart"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
    // All objects in specified addons
    0 = [nil,"all",[],[],["A3_Armor_F_Slammer","A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_03"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
    // BLUFOR characters and vehicles in Marksmen DLC
    0 = [nil,"vehicles",[west],["mark"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
  6. The function will go through given objects and automatically create screenshots for them in the following folder:
    <Arma 3 Profile>\Screenshots\EditorPreviews

    Pictures of objects belonging to a mod will be created in sub-folder with the mod class.

    This operation can take several minutes. If you wish to cancel it, exit the editor.
  7. Resize all images to 455x256 and save them in JPG format.
  8. Move pictures to your addon.
  9. Add editorPreview config property to all your objects. Let it point to a picture which belongs to the object.
    class CfgVehicles
    	class MyObject
    		editorPreview = "\A3\EditorPreviews_F\Data\myObject.jpg";
  10. Pack your addon. Don't forget to set JPG files to be packed as well.