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Export screenshots of objects for Eden Editor and Community Wiki to <Arma 3 Profile>\Screenshots\EditorPreviews directory. See Arma 3 assets.
The file is saved into Screenshots folder in the Profile directory. The folder is by default limited to 250 MB to prevent abuse.

To increase the limit, add the following line at the end of the profile file:

maxScreenShotFolderSizeMB = 2000; // size in MB


[duration, type, sides, mods, addons, classes] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews
duration: Number - (Optional, default 1) duration in seconds for which an objects remains on the screen before its screen is captured
type: String - (Optional, default "all") can be one of:
  • "vehicles" - only characters and vehicles will be used
  • "props" - only props will be used
  • "all" - all objects will be used
sides: Array of Sides - (Optional, default all sides) list of sides. Only objects of these sides will be used
mods: Array of String - (Optional, default all mods) list of CfgMods classes. Only objects belonging to these mods will be used
addons: Array of String - (Optional, default all addons) list of CfgPatches classes. Only objects belonging to these addons will be used
classes: Array of String - (Optional, default all classes) list of CfgVehicles classes. Only these objects will be used
Return Value:


Example 1:
// All objects [] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 2:
// All characters and vehicles. Capturing delay will be 0.5 seconds [0.5, "vehicles"] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 3:
// BLUFOR characters and vehicles [nil, "vehicles", [west]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 4:
// Props in Karts DLC [nil, "props", [], ["kart"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 5:
// All objects in specified addons [nil, "all", [], [], ["A3_Armor_F_Slammer", "A3_Air_F_Heli_Heli_Transport_03"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 6:
// BLUFOR characters and vehicles in Marksmen DLC [nil, "vehicles", [west], ["mark"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;
Example 7:
// Only the B_Soldier_F [nil, "all", [], [], [], ["B_Soldier_F"]] spawn BIS_fnc_exportEditorPreviews;

Additional Information

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