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The Toolbar is displayed at the top of the Workspace. It provided quick access to commonly used actions and tools. 3den toolbar.jpg

Toolbar Buttons

Icon Description
3den toolbar new.png Open a dialog to create a new scenario
3den toolbar open.png Open a dialog to choose a scenario to open
3den toolbar save.png Save the current scenario. If it has not been saved yet, open a dialog to save the scenario with specific name.
3den toolbar steam.png Open Workshop Scenario Management window, from which you can publish the scenario to the Steam Workshop. Only scenario which is already saved can be published.
3den toolbar undo.png Undo the last completed action.
3den toolbar redo.png Redo the last undone action.
3den toolbar widget none.png Toggle the transformation widget off.
3den toolbar widget translation.png Toggle the translation widget.
3den toolbar widget rotation.png Toggle the rotation widget.
3den toolbar widget scaling.png Toggle the area scaling widget.
3den toolbar widget area.png Toggle the Area Widget.
3den toolbar widget global.png3den toolbar widget local.png Toggle between global and local coordinate space for the transformation widget.
  • Global - widget is rotated in cardinal directions (X axis points east, Y axis points north, and Z axis points up).
  • Local - widget is rotated together with the selected entity (X axis points right, Y axis points forward, and Z points above the entity).
3den toolbar vert ATL.png3den toolbar vert ASL.png Toggle between translation parallel to the surface level and parallel to the sea level.
  • Surface Level - preserve entity altitude above surface (e.g., terrain, building floor, etc.)
  • Sea Level - preserve entity altitude above sea level.
3den toolbar snap on.png3den toolbar snap.png Toggle ground snapping. When on, entity will be snapped to the ground surface when it gets near it during translation editing.
3den toolbar grid translation.png Toggle or set the translation grid.
3den toolbar grid rotation.png Toggle or set the rotation grid.
3den toolbar grid scaling.png Toggle or set the area scaling grid.
3den toolbar intel.png Open scenario attributes dialog.
3den toolbar map.png Toggle between Scene (3D) and Map (2D) view.
3den toolbar flashlight.png Toggle flashlight. At night, it will light up the immediate surroundings of the camera.
3den toolbar vision normal.png Toggle vision mode.
  • Normal
  • Night Vision
  • Thermal Vision
3den toolbar phase.png Select the scenario phase.
3den toolbar help tutorial.png Open tutorial dialog. You can pick from various courses which will guide you through basic Editor features.