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With Military Symbols it's possible to display units' military symbol in real time either in-game (above units), on map or both.


Module Location

Eden Editor: Systems (F5) > Modules > Other > Military Symbols

Enable Icons

Place "Military Symbols" module and include the code following in the init line:: setGroupIconsVisible [param1,param2];

Set up Module

Set variables to BIS_marta_mainscope with desired values

  • rules = <array>; - custom settings which defines how will be each side/faction shown. Array contains of array in format [<prefix>,<markercolor>]. Prefix is one of NATO marker prefixes ("b_" for BLUFOR,"o_" for OPFOR or "n_" for NEUTRAL) and markercolor is color of marker from CfgMarkerColors. If number of array items is 4, it's applied to sides. Otherwise it's applied to factions.
BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["rules",[["o_","colorred"],["b_","colorgreen"],["n_","colorgreen"],["n_","coloryellow"]]];
Default value: [["o_","colorred"],["b_","colorgreen"],["n_","colorgreen"],["n_","coloryellow"]]

To set up colors in RGB format put the following into module`s init line:

this setvariable ["rules",[["o_",[0.00001,1,0,1]],["b_",[1,0,0,1]],["n_",[0,0.7,0,1]],["n_",[0.8,0.8,0,0]]],true]

Where array after prefix has format : [Red,Green,Blue,Transparency]

  • delay = <number>; - Refresh delay in seconds
BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["delay",0.1];
Default value: 0.5
  • duration = <number>; - duration defines how long will be markers shown after group get out from detection area (destroyed groups will have 1/10 of this duration)
BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["duration",600];
Default value: 300 (=5 minutes)
  • minSize = <number>; - Minimal size of group which is requested to draw a marker.
BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["minSize",3];
Default value: 1
  • WPgroups = <array>; - Set which groups will have displayed waypoints.
BIS_marta_mainscope setvariable ["WPgroups",[group soldier1, group player]];
Default value: empty array

Set up groups

  • MARTA_customIcon = <string>; - Define custom marker class for given group
(group player) setvariable ["MARTA_customIcon","b_recon"];
  • MARTA_WP_isText = <boolean>; - true if waypoints numbers are to be displayed
(group ruOfficer) setvariable ["MARTA_WP_isText",true];

Set up units

  • MARTA_showRules = <array>; - Custom show rules of specific unit for given faction (1 is always show, 0 means automatic detection when spotted, -1 is never show).
player setvariable ["MARTA_showRules",["USMC",1,"CDF",0]];
(GeneralCarver, 11/27/10) - As of ArmA 2 v1.7 and Operation Arrowhead v1.55 this command seems to be ignored in multiplayer, but works in single player.
A complete list of factions can be found here..

  • MARTA_reveal = <array>; - Groups which will be always visible for given unit.
player setvariable ["MARTA_reveal",[group ruTarget]];
  • MARTA_hide = <array>; - Groups which will be always hidden for given unit.
player setvariable ["MARTA_hide",[group usmcPatrol]];


Functions can't be called in init field of units or init.sqf script. Use some delay before you use them

Get visible groups

[<position, radius>] call BIS_Marta_getVisibleGroups
  • <position, radius> - none (using whole map data) or both arguments
  • Returned value: list of groups that have visible NATO marker (in given circle)
  • Returned value: Group - marker associated with group

Marker list


icon name consists of prefix and name. Prefix is used to define side and can be one of followings:

b_  ... BLUFOR
o_  ... OPFOR
n_  ... Neutral

Name defines purpose of the icon. See picture on the right or code below to get visual list of icons:

--- Currently used ---
inf - Infantry
motor_inf - Motorized infantry
mech_inf - Mechanized infantry
armor - Armored platoon
air - Rotary wing aircraft
maint - Maintanance group
hq - Headquarters
supply - Supply convoy
plane - Fixed wing aircraft
art - Artillery
mortar - Mortar
med - Medical
recon - Reconnaisance team
uav - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
empty - Unknown

For example, to set icon of enemy artillery, use prefix o_ and type art to get o_art icon type.

Icons are defined in cfgGroupIcons section.