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Reaction Forces
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Release Date 2024-03-26
Store Page Steam
Developer rotators-collective-black-background-512x512.png Rotators Collective

Fight fires from above in the Cougar medium utility helicopter or swerve from the beaten track in the MOOSE pickup truck to take on tier-1 operations with new weapons and equipment, from pistols and rifles to remote-controlled mortars and micro-drones.

Reaction Forces Creator DLC is the ultimate response to any situation on the battlefield.


Key features of the Reaction Forces Creator DLC include:

Cougar Helicopter

The Cougar is a four-blade, twin-engine, medium-sized, utility helicopter that has seen extensive military and civilian use over the years. In its civilian role, it is primarily used for transportation and offshore support, as well as public service missions, such as search and rescue. Some variants even come equipped with an emergency flotation device, which mitigates the risks of ditching at sea.

For military use, the Cougar comes with variable pylon mounts for external weaponry. Some variants are fitted with a 20 mm chin-gun, vastly increasing its striking power and versatility as a gunship.

Take advantage of extensive customization options featuring different loadouts and skins, which allow you to outfit the helicopter for every imaginable mission.

MOOSE Pickup

The MOOSE pickup is a light-duty vehicle with a wide range of configurations, serving military and civilian sectors worldwide. It is often used as a means of short-range transportation, or simply as a dependable weapons platform for special forces and non-state actors.

With a plethora of visual customization options and multiple different modules, tailor your MOOSE to stand out amidst the chaos of battle.

Commando & 120 mm Twin Mortar

The Commando mortar is a lightweight one-man mortar that can be easily assembled in the field. The 120 mm Twin Mortar is a container-sized emplacement that can launch HE, smoke, or laser-guided rounds accurately at incredible distances across the battlefield.

RC-40 mini-UAV

Keep an eye and an ear to the skies - although if you hear one of these drones, it is probably too late! This incredibly compact UAV can be equipped with explosive or smoke charges, which can be detonated remotely or via impact with a target. A scout variant can laser designate targets while maintaining a low profile.

Two Handguns, Two Rifles, and Four Aircraft Weapon Pods

  • Mk26 L5 - An American-made, semi-automatic pistol chambered in .50AE popularized through 80s action movies - and yes, a gold plated version is available!
  • G19 - Often used by military and police, a full-automatic capable pistol, designed and produced in Austria.
  • HADES H6 - Manufactured in Germany, the H6 is a modern, ultra-lightweight and easy-to-handle 5.56 mm bolt rifle.
  • Veles - Russian-developed dedicated CQB bullpup rifle with a high stopping power.

Additionally, this CDLC features new suppressors, optics, and special 5.56 mm armor-piercing ammunition are available for extra firepower!

There is also a lethal selection of heavy-duty weapons for aircraft mounts, capable of turning an innocuous transport helicopter into a devastatingly effective gunship:

  • 12.7 mm autocannon weapon pod
  • 20 mm cannon weapon pod
  • DAR/DAGR x19 missile pod
  • Tratnyr HE/AP x16 missile pod


  • Leather Jacket outfit
  • Shape Breaker helmet variants for AAF, CSAT, and NATO
  • Heavy Combat Helmet
  • New sleek and lightweight Heli Pilot Helmet and Coveralls
  • Wildland Firefighter Fatigues
  • Full Brim Hard Hat to offer maximum protection in exposed environments
  • Duffle Bag - spacious and with iconic Armaverse branding!
  • TNVG-B night-vision goggles with color-enhanced thermal imaging and a special filter for low-light conditions
  • Carrier Lite Rig and Tactical Vest Rig variants
  • Colored steerable parachutes and backpacks for civilians and parachute display teams

Open-World Campaign Scenario: "Air Control"

Take part in a combined arms offensive! Prioritize your tasks, transport special forces, and fly logistics as a helicopter pilot, influencing battles below from above in this vast, multi-hour 12-player open-world campaign scenario.

Singleplayer Scenarios: Training Day and FireSeason

Familiarize yourself with the Cougar helicopter, learn how to use a helicopter bucket, and take part in water bombing drills on Malden. Once trained, you can go on duty and help protect the island during the current fire season.

COOP and Singleplayer Scenario: "QRF"

Respond to an emergency call and protect the HVT until reinforcements arrive! As a Quick Reaction Force (QRF), defend against waves of enemies and fight for your life against overwhelming odds in this new co-op game mode. Conserve your ammo and pick your targets carefully while working closely with a team of up to six people.

Multiplayer Mode: "Cashpoint"

A series of cashpoint robberies are happening all across Malden and Tanoa — will you stop the criminals responsible, or are you one of them? This is a Team Deathmatch scenario for up to 12 players in two uneven teams.

Additional Content

Rounding out the Reaction Forces package, comes a set of additional items including new static props, as well as over 1 hour of newly composed ambient music tracks.

Included with the download is a specifically curated soundtrack in high-quality digital format. The soundtrack includes 11 tracks with a total duration of 38 minutes, curated from the Reaction Forces ingame ambient music for the best possible listening experience outside of the game.


Launch Trailer


About the Developers

The Arma 3 Creator DLC: Reaction Forces is published by Bohemia Interactive and developed by the Rotators Collective studio - a small group of like-minded developers loosely assembled from all around Europe with over 10 years of experience in making mods for a wide variety of games, including the top-rated Arma 3 mini-campaigns Callsign Minotaur and Dunes, as well as their previous project, the highly-praised Western Sahara Creator DLC.