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setFuelCargo/setFuel is not EG

Im sorry but you are not reading the talk pages. This was posted really long time ago. It was said that this command is not EG even from server execution as fuel cargo amount never been synced over MP after this. (setFuelCargo) setFuel has almost the same effect, it's not EG. Since the fuel set is only applied to a local machine it used on, if the car is not local. So there comes the question. Why this should have A,E markers on it, since this might be properly executed only in SP framework. (vehicles mostly not LOCAL in MP for any machine, but server). Thanks.

  • 1. You should create Talk page on the page you want to edit, i.e. this page, and do not expect people knowing that you might have left similar note elsewhere on BIKI
  • 2. If it is important and no one commented, you can ping someone, there are other things in life that could be more important than this BIKI.
  • 3. The MP effects for both commands are spot on. You need to execute commands where vehicle is local and it will result in global effect.
  • 4. If you do not fully understand how locality works, you should not edit it. If you think current representation is somehow misleading, you can always add a note, saying something like "When vehicle is not local the effect is local", which is basically what AL EG means anyway.
    I hope I made this clear. Cheers Killzone Kid (talk) 15:03, 16 August 2017 (CEST)