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Make the person tell to the receiver the sentence. See Conversations for more details.
Two units cannot talk on the same channel at the same time, this can lead to weird effects for non-local listeners; make sure not to use the same channel at the same time in multiplayer. Custom channels are considered as one channel for this matter.


person kbTell [receiver, topicName, sentenceClass, argumentArray1, argumentArray2, ..., forceRadio]
person: Object
receiver: Object
topicName: String
sentenceClass: String
argumentArrayN: Array - (Optional) format [argumentName, argumentValue, argumentText, argumentSpeech]:
  • argumentName: String
  • argumentValue: Code
  • argumentText: String
  • argumentSpeech: Array of Strings - each string is an already defined word in config.
forceRadio: Boolean, Number or String (last value of the array) - (Optional)
  • Boolean true/false to force use of radio
  • Number 1-10 to force use of custom radio channel
  • String name of radio channel to use, from: 'GLOBAL', 'SIDE', 'GROUP', 'VEHICLE', 'DIRECT', 'COMMAND'
Return Value:


Example 1:
player kbTell [BIS_HQ, "myTopic", "playerSentence1"];
Example 2:
player kbTell [ BIS_HQ, // to "Airstrike", // topic "AirstrikeRequest", // sentence ["Team", {}, "Anvil", ["Anvil"]], // argument 1 ["Location", {}, "Strelka", ["Strelka"]], // argument 2 true]; // use radio
in given .bikb:
class AirstrikeRequest 
	text = "%team requesting close air support at grid %location ";
	speech[] = { %Team, RequestingCloseAirSupportAtGrid, %Location };
	class Arguments 
		class Team		{ type = "simple"; };
		class Location	{ type = "simple"; };
Example 3:
player kbTell [ BIS_HQ, // to "Airstrike", // topic "AirstrikeRequest", // sentence ["argumentName", argumentValue], // argument 1 true]; // use radio

Additional Information

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