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Adds/overrides loadout to a vehicle pylon. TransportPylonsComponent in vehicle config and pylonWeapon in the magazine config are required to run.
This command also adds the corresponding weapon if the vehicle does not have one, but will not remove one that is no longer used.
This command should run locally to the vehicle itself or it will cause desync issue! (especially upon the locality change, e.g getting in the vehicle). See Example 4 for an MP-compatible usage.
Vehicle Loadouts


vehicle setPylonLoadout [pylon, magazine, forced, turret]
vehicle: Object
pylon: Number or String - pylon index (index starts from 1) or pylon name (see Example 1)
magazine: String - magazine name
forced: Boolean - (Optional, default false) true to force an incompatible magazine
turret: Array - (Optional, default []) turret path
Return Value:
Boolean - true on success


Example 1:
vehicle player setPylonLoadout ["pylon1", ""];
Example 2:
Make all of your pylon weapons Twin Cannon 30 mm:
private _vehicle = vehicle player; private _pylonsIndices = getAllPylonsInfo _vehicle select { _x select 0 }; { _vehicle setPylonLoadout [_x, "PylonWeapon_300Rnd_20mm_shells", true]; } forEach _pylonsIndices;
Example 3:
Showcase all possible magazines:
[] spawn { private _allPylonMagazines = "getText (_x >> 'pylonWeapon') != ''" configClasses (configFile >> "CfgMagazines"); private _vehicle = vehicle player; private _pylonsIndices = getAllPylonsInfo _vehicle select { _x select 0 }; { private _configName = configName _x; { _vehicle setPylonLoadout [_x, _configName, true]; } forEach _pylonsIndices; hint _configName; sleep 1.5; } forEach _allPylonMagazines; };
Example 4:
MP compatible usage:
[myPlane, [1, "PylonWeapon_300Rnd_20mm_shells", true]] remoteExec ["setPylonLoadout", myPlane];

Additional Information

See also:
Arma 3: Vehicle Loadouts getCompatiblePylonMagazines getPylonMagazines setAmmoOnPylon ammoOnPylon animatePylon animateBay setPylonsPriority


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Posted on Apr 30, 2020 - 13:01 (UTC)
turret must be [] if you wanted to equip the magazine to the pilot. [-1] returns false and fails unlike other turret-related commands.