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Only available in Development branch(es) until its release with Arma 3 patch v2.10.


Returns entity's weapons information including weapon index and firemode.


unit weaponsInfo [weaponOrMuzzle, onlyLoaded]
unit: Object - person
weaponOrMuzzle: String - name of the weapon or muzzle (returns whichever matches first) or "" to return all weapons
onlyLoaded (Optional): Boolean - true to return loaded weapons only. Default false.
Return Value:
Array of Arrays (or an empty []) - weapons information in format [[weaponIndex, isSelected, weaponName, muzzleName, firemode, magazineName, ammoCount], ...] where:
  • weaponIndex: Number - internal weapon index (changes frequently) used with "SwitchWeapon" and "UseWeapon" actions
  • isSelected: Boolean - true if this weapon is currently selected
  • weaponName: String - weapon name
  • muzzleName: String - muzzle name
  • firemode: String - firemode that is set for this 'weaponIndex'
  • magazineName: String - name of the loaded magazine or ""
  • ammoCount: Number - magazine ammo count or -1


Example 1:
Find weapon with FullAuto firemode and switch to it:
private _weapons = player weaponsInfo [currentMuzzle player, true]; private _found = _weapons findIf { _x select 4 == "FullAuto" }; if (_found > -1) then { action ["SwitchWeapon", player, player, _weapons select _found select 0] };

Additional Information

See also:
weaponState weaponReloadingTime action


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