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Continuously set WP of one group to a different group to hunt it. It does not change the group's behaviour.
Script terminates if one of the groups is eliminated or if the optional condition is activated.
Object ManipulationCombat


[stalker, stalked, refresh, radius, endCondition, endDestination] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk
stalker: Group - the group that will move towards the other
stalked: Group - the group that will be followed
refresh: Number - (Optional, default 10, minimum 5) time between waypoint updates
radius: Number - (Optional, default 0, minimum 0) waypoint "precision"
endCondition: Code - (Optional, default {false}) condition that if true stops stalker to follow stalked
endDestination: String or Position or Object or Number - (Optional, default 0) destination stalker will go after endCondition is met (or stalked is killed)
  • String - destination marker name
  • Position - destination
  • Object - destination
  • Number
    • 0: return to original group waypoints
    • 1: search around their current stalking position, in a 50m radius
    • 2: return to the original position before stalking
Return Value:
Boolean - true when done


Example 1:
private _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk;
Example 2:
private _stalking = [grp1, group player, nil, nil, { player distance BIS_Heli < 100 }, "BIS_mrkRetreatMarker"] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk;
Example 3:
private _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer, 20, 10, { BIS_Return }, 1] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk;
Example 4:
private _stalking = [BIS_grpStalkers, BIS_grpPlayer, 5, 0, { dayTime > 20 }, [3600,600,0]] spawn BIS_fnc_stalk;

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