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Add a number to the rating of a unit - negative values can be used to reduce the rating.
This command is usually used to reward for completed mission objectives. The rating is given at the end of the mission and is automatically adjusted when killing enemies or friendlies.
When the rating gets below -2000, the unit's side switches to "ENEMY" (sideEnemy) and the unit is attacked by everyone.(see Rating Values)

See also: Arma 3: Event Handlers
Object Manipulation


unitName addRating rating
unitName: Object
rating: Number
Return Value:


Example 1:

Additional Information

See also:
Side relations Rating Values rating rank setUnitRank sideEnemy


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Posted on Nov 16, 2014 - 19:11 (UTC)
Since there is no setRating command, its expected behaviour can scripted as such:
BNRG_fnc_setRating = { params ["_wantedRating", "_unit"]; private _currentRating = rating _unit; private _difference = _wantedRating - _currentRating; _unit addRating _difference; }; [1000, player] call BNRG_fnc_setRating; // set player rating 1000
Using this example, no matter what the units rating was before, it will always set its rating to 1000.