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|r1= [[Number]]
|r1= [[Number]]
|x1= <code>_count = [[player]] [[ammo]] "M16"; //returns 30 in case of a full magazine</code>
|x1= <code>_count = player [[ammo]] "M16"; //returns 30 in case of a full magazine</code>
|x2= <code>_count = [[player]] [[ammo]] "M203Muzzle";</code>
|x2= <code>_count = player [[ammo]] "M203Muzzle";</code>
|x3= <code>_count = [[player]] [[ammo]] [[primaryWeapon]] [[player]];</code>
|x3= <code>_count = player [[ammo]] [[primaryWeapon]] [[player]];</code>
|seealso= [[setAmmo]] [[someAmmo]] [[magazines]]
|seealso= [[setAmmo]] [[someAmmo]] [[magazines]]

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Check how many rounds are left in the currently loaded magazine in the given muzzle. Since Arma v1.56 the command also returns ammo for units in vehicles.
Unit Inventory


unit ammo muzzle
unit: Object
muzzle: String - muzzle of a weapon. See the topic Category:Weapons for reference about possible values.
Return Value:


Example 1:
_count = player ammo "M16"; //returns 30 in case of a full magazine
Example 2:
_count = player ammo "M203Muzzle";
Example 3:
_count = player ammo primaryWeapon player;

Additional Information

See also:
setAmmo someAmmo magazines


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Posted on February 17, 2012
OA 1.60: The command works (now?) also for units in vehicles. However only for the vehicle's gunners' weapons - aka those returned by "weapons vehicle".
Posted on August 30, 2018 - 15:42 (UTC)
Actually the command wants the currentMuzzle (gunner _vehicle) as parameter - not the weapon class. Most of the time both are the same. However when you have custom modes[] for the weapons, this is likely not true.