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Returns Field of View of the given object in radians. Static objects return default value, which is 1. FOV of objNull is 0. Object FOV is indirectly connected with optics magnification or player view zoom, the narrower the angle the greater the zoom.
The FOV returned by this command doesn't change if user has custom FOV set in profile. Use it in combination with getResolution to adjust for the difference if required.
Object Manipulation


getObjectFOV object
object: Object - for units it queries unit weapon optics/zoom, for vehicles - vehicle optics/zoom
Return Value:
Number - FOV in radians


Example 1:
Example 2:
Example 3:
Perceived distance to an object:
private _vdist = (player distance _obj) * (getObjectFOV player / 0.75);

Additional Information

See also:
getObjectType getResolution


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