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Sets vehicle as respawnable in MP game. The vehicle will be spawned at the locality and coordinates it was prior to destruction. If respawn type is set to base respawn (type 3) and vehicle respawn marker is provided (respawn_vehicle_XXXSIDEXXX), vehicle will spawn on the marker.


vehicle respawnVehicle [delay, count]
vehicle: Object
delay: Number - delay in seconds between respawns. (-1 to use respawnDelay from description.ext)
count: Number - (Optional, default 0) how many times to respawn vehicle in total. (0 - unlimited respawns)
Return Value:


Example 1:
car respawnVehicle [5, 3]; // 'car' will respawn at the predefined marker for the side after 5 seconds. The unit will respawn 3 times.
Example 2:
car respawnVehicle [30]; // 'car' will respawn at the predefined marker for the side after 30 seconds. The unit will respawn an unlimited number of times.

Additional Information

See also:
playerRespawnTime setPlayerRespawnTime


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Posted on 2007-05-28 - 16:38 (CEST)
For this command to work (in MP) you need the appropriate markers in the mission. The markers are...
  • "respawn_vehicle_west"
  • "respawn_vehicle_east"
  • "respawn_vehicle_guerilla"
  • "respawn_vehicle_civilian"

Also, by default it will use respawnDelay from the description.ext as mentioned unless you specify

respawnVehicleDelay = x;

Where x is delay in seconds.

In Multiplayer the respawned vehicle remains local to the client who was the last driver of the vehicle or the client who was the leader of the last AI driver of the vehicle. If the vehicle has yet to be driven or the AI driver is local to the Server then the respawned vehicle will be local to the Server.