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Returns a road segment containing given position, objNull otherwise. Same as isOnRoad only returns the actual road object instead of boolean.
Roads and Airports


roadAt position
position: Object or Array - Array in format PositionAGL (especially on bridges) or Arma 3 logo black.png2.00 Position2D, in which case Z will be automatically deduced as the height of the road surface
Return Value:
Object - road segment or objNull


Example 1:
_road = roadAt ASLToAGL getPosASL player;
Example 2:
_isOnRoad = !isNull roadAt player;
Example 3:
For detecting bridges, for example:
getModelInfo (roadAt ASLToAGL getPosASL player); // ["bridgesea_01_f.p3d", "a3\structures_f_exp\infrastructure\bridges\bridgesea_01_f.p3d", true]

Additional Information

See also:
nearRoads roadsConnectedTo isOnRoad surfaceIsWater getRoadInfo nearestTerrainObjects


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OOKexOo - c
Posted on Dec 30, 2016 - 21:40 (UTC)
This command does not necessarily return the segment which center is the closest to the given position.
In order to get such segment use nearRoads.
_closest_road = (_pos nearRoads 0.1) select 0;