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Simulation Towable Can Tow
CarX Checked Checked
TankX Unchecked Checked
AirplaneX Unchecked Unchecked
BoatX Unchecked Unchecked

Allows a vehicle to be towed by another. This loosens the towed vehicle's brakes and turns its steering wheels toward the towing vehicle.

Supposed to be used together with a rope connecting both vehicles.
If a player enters the towing vehicle, the towed one will try to change its locality to be local to that player. This might be problematic if there is another player already in the towed vehicle. It is recommended to not have anyone in the towed vehicle!
Object ManipulationRopes and Sling Loading


towedVehicle setTowParent towingVehicle
towedVehicle: Object - vehicle of type CarX (no tanks, no aircrafts, no boats)
towingVehicle: Object - vehicle of type CarX or TankX (no aircrafts, no boats)
Return Value:


Example 1:
{ moveOut _x } forEach crew _towedVehicle; // make sure nobody is in the towed vehicle _towedVehicle lock true; // make sure everybody stays out of it ropeCreate [_bobcat, [0,-5,0], _towedVehicle, [0,2,0]]; _towedVehicle setTowParent _bobcat;

Additional Information

See also:
getTowParent ropeCreate


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